The Year End Party Box

A lot of unexpected things can happen in a party but one thing's for sure: you're bound to take pictures. Be it a family reunion or a high school/college gathering, people nowadays take pictures every opportunity they get. Don't you just wish you could look picture perfect in every event? Fret not, Althea has come to save the day! We've specially curated this awesome box containing 8 full sized products that you can easily use to achieve that picture perfect party look. We've enlsited the help of Malaysian Youtuber DaintyDashBeauty to help our resident Mermaid not to get ready for a party, but to get ready for a par-TAY! Here's the beauty breakdown on the Year-End Party Box.

Watch the Althea Party Look Makeup Tutorial
Etude House Double Lasting Foundation (Sand)

This long lasting foundation promises 24 hour coverage, perfect for a day out in the sun or a night out on the streets. It offers full coverage with a single touch and dries down to a matte finish. We've personally put it to the test and it does not budge at all once it sets.

How to use: After priming your face, dot the foundation all over your face and buff it out with a makeup sponge. Because this foundation is matte it's important to moisturize and hydrate the skin before applying the foundation, especially for those of you guys with dry skin! For longer wear, use a translucent powder to set it.

the year-end party look

Aritaum Styling Eye Palette

Containing 5 shades, this eyeshadow palette has gold, bronze and light peachy glitter shades, perfect for making a sultry smokey eye or a popping gold look. The shadows blend nicely and work for both fair and tan skin. Shades 1 & 2 are great for highlighting or as a transition shade, shade 3 and 4 are great pops of colour on the lid and shade 5 is perfect for deepening the crease or smoking your eye makeup out.

How to use: For a gold eye look like Mermaid, start by applying shade #2 all over your lids and crease and concentrating shade #4 on the lids only to make it pop. Apply shade #5 on the outer corner of your eyes to give it dimension and make it blend the outer V of your eyes with a blending brush afterward. Mixing shade #4 & #5, apply the dark shades to your bottom lash line to define it. Using the sponge applicator provided in the palette, use shade #3 for the inner corners of your eyes. For a more detailed demonstration, see the video attached at the bottom of the post!

Aritaum Styling Eye Palette in Baby Beige

Aritaum Styling Eye Palette swatches

the look on Sydney's eyes

W.Lab 3D Shape Shading & Highlighter

Last year was the year of contouring and highlighting, and we don't see the trend fading out any time soon. We personally at Althea love it when our cheekbones look defined and our highlights are on fleek!

W.Lab 3D Shape Shading
This contouring palette contains three professional shades that can be used individually or mixed together for the perfect brown shade. A matte shading product containing no red hues, this contour palette has micro-sized particles that adhere to the skin softly, giving you those coveted perfect cheekbones.

How to use: Using a powder brush or an angled contour brush, swirl the brush into the palette and tap off the excess. Work the powder into your cheekbones in a circular motion and build it up slowly to avoid it from being too harsh.

W.Lab 3D Shape Highlighter
This highlighter also contains three shades, and you can either use the lightest shade for a blinding highlight or mix all three shades together to get a peachy glow on the cheeks. Containing gold extract and pearl powder, this highlighter gives your skin that natural glow which can be layered on and intensified to your liking. Like the shading palette, it also has micro particles to help it stay longer on the skin.

How to use: Using a packer brush or a fan tail brush, swirl your brush onto the palette and apply it to the highest points of your cheeks. Remember to slowly build it up to avoid having once streak of highlight on your face. For even longer wear, set with a makeup setting spray.

a guide to contouring & strobing for your face shape

ready to go get 'em boys *winks*

Witch's Pouch Love Me Blusher (Rose Blossom)

Though we're not certain if the highlighting and contouring trend will fade in the future, we do know that blush has been around for ages and will most probably live on forever. A light dusting on your cheeks can help bring life back to the face and make your overall look sweet and romantic.

How to use: Using either the brush provided with the blush or a powder brush, apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks. This blush is great for beginners as its quite fine and sheer, so you won't have to worry about ending up with ultra pink cheeks (but if that's your look, you do you! Makeup has no rules!)

Witch's Pouch Love Me Blusher (Rose Blossom)

7Hara My 1st Tint

To be the center of attention in any party, grab everyone's attention with a bold red lip! This lip product has an apricot scent and is very pigmented and long lasting. If you're not a full lip kinda girl, you can also opt for a Korean gradient lip.

How to use: For full, bold lips like Mermaid, first line your lips, then fill it in. To get the perfect lip look, exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm before for smooth, hydrated lips.

Sydney uses the 7Hara My 1st Tint in Maple Red

 Makeup Helper Moca Frappe

A soft and creamy pencil, this eyeliner is both water and sweat proof and promises to last all throughout the day. The gold shade is perfect for a funky bronze eyeliner or an awesome gold tightline!

How to use: To get Mermaid's look, gently line your waterline with the eyeliner. Make sure to not tug on your eyes harshly.

 Makeup Helper Moca Frappe (#006) swatches

Etude House My Beauty Tool

Last but not least are these volumizing lashes to complete the party look! These lashes have the perfect length and make the eyes look full and flirty.

How to use: First, curl your natural lashes and comb on one coat of mascara. If you find that the lashes are too long for you, feel free to cut it. Add adhesive to the backbone of the lash and apply them to your natural lashes with your fingers. You can use tweezers like Mermaid but we don't recommend it as you don't want to risk poking your eye. Once the adhesive has dried, curl your lashes to pinch both the falsies and your natural lashes together, followed by a final coat of mascara.

on her eyes eyelashes in #03 Volume

Big party or small gathering, you always wanna look your best. We loved the look DaintyDashBeauty did on Mermaid, and she was definitely in a mood to party once she saw the complete look! As always, the Year End Party Box is now unavailable as the boxes are special edition and come in a limited quantity. It's very unlikely that they will be restocked, so remember to grab one as soon as you see it! (You can check out our beauty boxes on Althea's site by clicking here!). What are some of your favourite party night looks, and what products do you love wearing on a night out? Let us know in the comments down below!

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