5 Disaster Masks You Need

The 5 Disaster Masks You Need

Having an off day? Or an entire off week? It’s alright, love. Big Sis Althea’s got your back! We believe that most of life’s problems can be solved (or at the very least, soothed) with a sheet mask or two. We’ve got solutions to pamper away your worries, no matter what life throws at you. Here are some of our answers to your big problems!

The Hang-Over Mask "Wake Up Call"
Itibiti Yogurt Mask Pack Sheet - Dehydration can take a toll of the skin's texture and colour (think rough, uneven patchy skin). This product contains a fruit complex, yogurt and fermented lactic acid extracts to deeply nourish and clarify dull, dehydrated skin, perfect after a late night out.

The Break-Out Mask "I Need Help"

Nakeup Face Trouble 119 Patch - A must have in your skincare's first aid kit, these hydrocolloid patches spot treat nasty zits by drawing out the pus and bacteria. This effectively dries them out and heals them more effectively. Spots be gone!

The Break-Up Mask "Feel Good Without The Kilos"
O&Young Cake Pop Candy Mask Pack - Stuffing your face with sugar may seem ideal for a broken heart, but how about this sweet treat for your skin instead? This mask is infused with aloe vera, chamomile and rosemary extracts to repair, soothe and hydrate skin for a plump, radiant complexion (no one will know you've been crying all night!).

The Broke-X-Beach Mask "Bigger Dreams Soon"
Pure SmilePure Smile Juicy Point Pad -  Saving up on those bills? These little pads are perfect for treating those spots that need immediate attention without needing to splurge on an entire sheet. Plus, you can seal off the unused ones and save them for the next time you need some masking action.

The Boss-Just-Scold-Me Mask "This Is How I Feel Now"

It's Skin Sesame Street Mask Edition - If you feel a fool after your boss gives you a stern talking to for a mistake you made, look the part and cheer yourself up with these adorable masks. They not only look super cute, but work to pamper your skin too.

Feeling better already? We sure are. ;) Make sure you check out these and all our other masks available on Althea, and let us know in the comments down below which ones you’ve tried and what kind of solutions they were for. 

Please note that these are for fun and illustrative purposes only. Remember to always love yourself and be awesome! :)


  1. Wow...I love the name of each mask it so cute.Would loved to try them Hopefully.

    1. Yes! They are too cute :D Pixie would love to try all of them too! Masks are just amazing.


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