Limited Edition Althea X W.Lab Set

Girlfriends, warmer days call for a hot-looking face to see you through and not melt off midway. We're so psyched to announce Althea's limited edition collaboration box with W.Lab! This set is filled with products that are made to stay put for humid, sticky days. We're gonna let you in on a little secret: we did an unboxing for this box in our Instagram stories and showed all the products (make sure you follow us @AltheaKorea for inside sneak peeks!).

This kit is fitted with 6 full-sized products including both skincare and makeup. The products you will be getting in this set are:

  1. Sebum Out Peel Off Pack - Peel off to remove dirt, impurities and sebum build up from your pores.
  2. W-Snow BB Cushion in #23 - Provides flawless coverage while controlling sebum so you know it'll last on the skin all day.
  3. Sebum Out Finish Powder - Translucent in colour, this adds extra oil-controlling powers to your makeup and locks it in place. Plus, you can dust some onto the roots of your hair to freshen up your 'do too!
  4. Twinkle Glam Eyes in #02 Glam Gold - Don't forget to let your eyes sparkle! Provides a smooth, glamorous touch to your makeup look.
  5. Clear Finish Gel Liner in #01 Matte Black - Apocalypse-proof eyeliner that'll last you through water, sweat and oil (oh yes, we've tested it!)
  6. One Day Coating Tint in #03 Fashionable - Chic orange that brightens up the complexion, as well as tints the lips for a long-wearing flush of colour.

If you weren't excited before, you definitely will be now! This collaboration box is still on sale at Althea so make sure you get your hands on them! What are you still doing here, honey? Go get it (you can thank us later)!

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