W.Lab Water Holic Lipstick

As avid lipstick junkies, no look is completed without a swipe of color on our pouts. While we usually opt for big, bold color, this can sometimes come at the cost of dry, chapped lips. W.Lab’s Water Holic Lipsticks offer the best of both worlds by combining a winning cocktail of pigmented saturation and a hydrating formula that perfectly complements just about any look.

W.Lab houses products made from natural ingredients to bring out the best in your complexion, and these lipsticks are no exception. Water Holic Lipsticks are made with a fruit and flower complex including hibiscus, pomegranate, peach blossom and strawberry extracts to hydrate, repair and strengthen the skin while providing your lips with a pop of color. These lipsticks offer a glossy finish and a tint-like consistency that doesn’t dry down, enveloping your pout in a hydrating barrier all day. Okay, enough talk, here are some swatches you’ve all been waiting for!

#P1 Hot Pink
An almost dolly, slightly cooler pink shade that has a slight purple undertone.

#PK02 Coral Pink 
A lovely pink with a hint of orange, making it the perfect girly coral shade.

#OR1 Pop Orange
An orange lipstick, offering a wearable shade with slightly pinky tones.

#RD1 Real Red
A robust, classic red that's perfect for adding a little drama to your look.

#RD2 Pure Red
A warm red with a hint of orange undertones, great for a daytime look.

On light and medium skin tone
(top - bottom: PK1, PK2, OR1, RD1, RD2)

As you can see, these lippies will make your lips look juicy and glossy. Mind you, these swatches do not have any added hydration (lip balm, gloss, saliva or otherwise), so the name "water holic" really does do them justice. If you're going to be out and about, it'd be best to bring the shade you're wearing to touch up throughout the day as they aren't transfer-proof.

Have you guys had a chance to check out W.Lab's Water Holic Lipsticks yet? If not, you can get them on Althea's site (just search for "water holic"). Which one is your favorite color? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below!


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    2. Hey Jurain <3 I know, I love that shade too! I really like Hot Pink as well. ;) Thanks for dropping by!

      Althea's Mermaid

  2. Pretty shades! It looks hydrating.


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