Pure Smile Black Sheet Bubble Pack

Sheet masks are the best, aren't they? They're essentially all the goodness you need in the convenience of a packet! As self-proclaimed sheet mask aficionados, we're always on the hunt for cool new sheet masks to try. We stumbled upon Pure Smile's Black Sheet Bubble Pack and when we heard that this bubbles before your eyes, we just knew we had to try it out. As per usual, we've enlisted the help of our lovely Danish Swan to show you what it's all about. Here's the beauty breakdown on this fun mask!

Previously only available in Japan, Pure Smile is one of K-Beauty's hottest and cutest brands that has recently found themselves on Althea shores, making them accessible worldwide. With an assortment of face masks, lip packs, hand creams and so much more, Pure Smile is best known for their high quality products encased in adorable packaging, making them that much more desirable. The Black Sheet Bubble Pack is a self-bubbling one that leaves the skin feeling clean and revitalized after use. Containing charcoal extracts, this mask works to deeply cleanse and remove impurities from your pores. Its also formulated with hydrolyzed collagen to ensure that your skin is kept soft and smooth throughout the whole process.

How to use: Apply onto the skin, then briefly and gently massage onto the skin. Leave on to bubble for 15-20 minutes, then peel away and rinse off with water.

Upon removal from the packet, the essence that covered the black mask was clear and thick, slightly sticky in texture. However after just a couple seconds of having it on, the mask pack completely changes and it becomes covered in bubbles! It feels just slightly tingly on the skin, and if you try to remove the bubbles in a certain spot, they'll resurface after a couple of moments. Definitely one of the more fun masks we've tried so far!

I was pleasantly shocked at how quickly the bubbles formed! It doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all, just a bit ticklish. When I took the mask off and washed the residue off, it turned into a soapy consistency, and I could definitely feel the deep cleansing powers. My skin felt really clean and soft after the mask but also a bit tight as I have drier skin. I finished off with a moisturizer and it felt great!

We loved how this mask left the skin feeling softer, cleaner and looking brighter too! We'll definitely be making this one of our beauty staples, especially when we're out and about. If you're interested in this mask or any other item from Pure Smile, be sure to check out Althea's site for more info! What do you guys think of this mask? Would you like to try it for yourself? Let us know in the comments down below. :

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