Softest Lips Yet!

Pucker up, honey! Soft, smooth lips will always be in-trend. Afterall, who can really say no to a gorgeous pout? But sometimes dry, cold weather can leave our lips cracked and feeling chapped, which, in more severe cases, can lead to flaking and bleeding. Keep your delicate lip area looking and feeling its best with Pure Smile's Choosy Lip Pack Box!

Pure Smile is big and Japan and used to be only exclusively sold there until Althea has brought them in, making them one of K-Beauty's hottest and cutest brands that is now accessible worldwide. With an assortment of face masks, lip packs, hand creams and so much more, Pure Smile is best known for their high quality products encased in adorable packaging, making them that much more desirable. In a pink lip-shaped container that would make any heart flutter, the Choosy Lip Pack Box is perfect for those of us looking for a quick and effective fix to dry lips. It contains 20 gel-like, lip-shaped sheets that are formulated with real peach extracts to protect and nourish. All you have to do is gently place over your lips and allow it to do its magic while you seat back and relax. The magic is that these patches contain collagen and hyaluronic acid to really moisturize and repair dryness, whisking away chapped flakes.


Upon application, these patches feel really cooling on the skin, almost like the sensation cools down any irritations caused by the dryness. The feel of these patches texture wise is soft and slightly slippery as there is an essence that keeps them moist in the container. They also smell absolutely divine: a fresh, sweet and fruity punch of peach, so if you're a fan of yummy smells, you'll definitely love this!

How to use: Ensure that the lip area is clean, then apply a piece onto the area and leave on for 10-20 minutes before removing.

After trying out a patch, my lips felt super soft to the touch and comfortably hydrated, making them perfectly prepped for lipstick application! My lips felt smooth for a couple of hours after even without applying on any other lip treatments. I love using this especially right before applying on some matte lipstick as those can be extra drying.

Pure Smile's Choosy Lip Packs come in a variety of flavours that you can pick from including milk, honey, fruit and herb. These are definitely fun and easy to use to keep your lips looking and feeling great. If you'd like to check out Pure Smile or any of the other products we carry, be sure to check out Althea's site. What do you guys think of these lip packs? Would you try them out for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. What to do after removing the patch? The area around the lips, it should be wipe with a tissue or not. Or the essence will absorb easily. Thanks Mermaid Syd

    1. Hi Monaliza!

      We just gently pat the extra essence into the skin and it absorbs with no problem at all :) If it feels a little sticky to you, you can wipe it away. Hope this helps!



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