W.Lab Relax Magic Foot Patches

Out of sight, out of mind? Sure, we’re all big on ensuring our skin looks and stays its best, but what about our body parts down below? Our feet are probably two of the hardest workers on our bodies, so it’s always nice to give them a good pampering once in a while! We’ve all heard of peeling masks for the feet, but ever heard of detoxing patches? W.Lab has recently come out with the Relax Magic Foot Patches to soothe away tiredness and aches after a long day of being on your feet. It’s time to kick back and relax!

W.Lab is a brand that has a perfected formula of good quality ingredients and attractive packaging, creating products that are effective at targeting skin troubles and solving them for a well-rounded beauty regime from head to toe. W.Lab’s Relax Magic Foot Patches are designed to draw out toxins and water retention from the feet, which can cause swelling and fatigue. These magic patches contain charcoal and bamboo extracts to draw out impurities, while chitosan, tourmaline and anion powder revitalize and soothe the feet. Each packet comes with 5 pairs, so these will last you a little while!

These patches are really easy to use: ensure that your feet are clean and dry before application, then open up the plastic packaging and peel away the protective film on the back to expose the sticky side, applying evenly and firmly onto the middle of the foot. To really get the full effects of this product, you’ll want to leave it on for about 6 hours before removing, making bedtime the best time to use these. A little word of warning though: these patches have an earthy, herbal smell, so if you’d like to try them out, be sure to be mindful of this.

Peeling them away were easy-peasy and they didn’t break or leave sticky residue behind. If it leaves a little bit of condensation leftover, just rinse it off with some water once you’re done. The packet itself turns a darker colour, so that's how you know the product is working! There’s something truly magical about these patches: fatigued, overworked feet feel refreshed and revitalized, like they’re ready to take on the world! Especially great for those of us with water retention and swollen feet, these are great overnight solutions to keep you on your toes the morning after.

We love these intriguing W.Lab Relax Magic Foot Patches, and we’ll be packing these with us on our next holiday trip! You can find these and other cool products from W.Lab on Althea’s site. Do you guys think foot-care is important? Would you like to try these out for yourselves? Let us know in the comments below!

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