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Changes in the weather this time of the year can really bog down the skin with irritations, redness and dehydration. It’s really important to get a range of skincare that’ll be able to calm the skin while still ensuring it stays nourished and hydrated. Hanyul is one of the latest brands to find themselves on Althea shores, and we’re really digging their traditional approach to beauty. Today, we’ll be exploring their Pure Artemisia Calming range as well as talk a little more about what they offer. Here’s the beauty breakdown on our favorite skin soothing trio!

Hanyul is a brand inspired by traditional folk remedies and medicinal recipes carried on for centuries by Korean women. Using modern technologies and formulas, the combination of old and new bring about products that are effective at targeting skin troubles. Artemisia is the star ingredient of choice for the range that’s specially formulated to target and soothe irritations.  Also known as wormwood or mugwort, Artemisia extract has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties, as well as restorative properties to remove redness and swelling. It also helps purify the skin, and the specific artemisia extract used in Hanyul’s products are grown and harvested in the Ganghwa seaside before the 5th of May every year. This makes the Pure Artemisia Calming range especially great for those of us with sensitive skin types. The range contains a Toner, Calming Cream and Calming Gel, all of which can be used together or integrated into your current beauty routine.

Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Toner
Used either with a cotton pad or on its own, this ultra-lightweight toner hydrates and soothes the skin, while gently whisking away dead skin cells. It’s formulated with wolfberry extract to help repair the skin, while prepping your skin to more effectively take on the next step of your skincare routine.

Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Cream
Lock in that moisture with this luxurious cream that envelopes the skin with hydration. It’s great for instantly relieving tightness and redness, and it absorbs into the complexion to leave it looking fresh and feeling bouncy to the touch.

Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Gel 
Got oilier skin? Don’t shy away from moisture and try this gel instead. With a lighter texture, this cooling gel easily absorbs into the skin without any stickiness, offering the skin an instant boost of hydration and freshness.

We love what Hanyul’s Pure Artemisia Calming range has to offer, and we’re thrilled that these products are both dermatologically tested as well as hypoallergenic! If you’ve got more sensitive skin or would like to see what Hanyul has to offer, you’ll want to check these out on Althea’s site. What do you guys think of these products from Hanyul? Would you like to try them out for yourself? Let us know down below!

Have a magical day!

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