Rosiest Kisses from Laneve

A fan of the MLBB lip look? So are we! We got our hands on played around and tried out Laneve’s Rose Velvet Lipsticks, and they definitely rose to the occasion! These gorgeously minimalist tubes really know how to pack a punch and have made quite an impression in Althealand. Here’s the beauty breakdown on Laneve’s Rose Velvet Lipsticks!

Laneve’s Rose Velvet Lipsticks are the epitome of sleek beauty. These tubes are packaged in pretty dusty terracotta matte cases. The lipsticks themselves come in 5 different rosy shades to suit just about any look and an array of skin tones. They claim to have great colour payoff, and dry down to a velvet matte finish that feels comfortable on the lips. They also stay put throughout the day thanks to their long-wearing, cream-to-powder formula, so you won’t have to worry about touch-ups every couple of hours. 

Okay, enough talk, time for swatches!

01 Nude Rose

A warm nude with rosy brown undertones, perfect for warmer looks.

02 Classic Rose

A rich warm red that's reminiscent of rose petals. Classic and bold.

03 Coral Rose

A fun, girly coral shade with petal pink undertones 

 04 Brick Rose

A chic brick red to add a punch of colour to your look.

05 Dried Rose

A true MLBB dusty rose shade that's perfect for everyday wear.

These lippies feel really nice and comfortable on the lips once it dries down, and it easily glides onto the lips, making it a breeze to apply on. They also last well against food and drink (within reason, of course), so these will definitely last through a couple of sips and bits before wearing off.

These rosy kisses from Laneve's Rose Velvet lipsticks have definitely found a place in our hearts, and we'll be reaching for them anytime we can! You can find these and other pretty lip products on Althea's site. Do you follow the MLBB trend? What do you think of these lippies from Laneve? Let us know down below!

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