Our Prettiest Mask To Date!

The galaxy’s radiance comes in the form of a peel-off mask with Prreti’s Bling Gli Dia Purple Peel Off Mask! Mystical, glittery and an absolute dream to look at, this mask isn’t just pretty, it’s also great for detoxifying the skin adding luminosity to the complexion. Here’s the beauty breakdown on what this mask has to offer!

Pretti is a brand that creates functional cosmetics to suit the needs of beauty junkies who want to inject fun and practicality into their routine. They feature trendy, exciting items that both solve skin troubles as well as add some magic into the K-beauty experience. That certainly doesn’t fall short with the Bling Gli Dia Purple Peel Off Mask! Not your traditional charcoal based mask, this glittering pack has a rich, luxurious purple shade that’s sprinkled with glitter and pearl pigments, making anytime you use this an experience to remember!

With an easily spreadable texture, this mask is infused with real gem powders to revitalize the skin and add a radiant glow. It also has a berry complex (to moisturize and improve the elasticity of the skin) and mineral water (soothes irritations) to keep the skin healthy and happy. It whisks away dead skin cells and draws out impurities from the pores too, leaving the skin feeling smooth and supple to the touch.

Upon application, the mask itself is, well, gloriously glittering goop. The rich purple shade is amazing, and it’s accompanied by pretty little pigments that shine when they hit the light. This is definitely the most gorgeous peel off mask we’ve ever seen! After leaving it on for 10-15 minutes (make sure it’s completely dry before peeling), the mask can be peeled away to reveal smooth, clean skin beneath.

Isn’t she lovely? Prreti’s Bling Gli Dia Purple Peel Off Mask is available on Althea’s site along with other cool K-beauty products, so be sure to check them all out there! What do you think of this gorgeous mask? Let us know in the comments down below!


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    1. Yeah, we think so too! It's even more sparkly and brilliant in person <3

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    1. It'll look even better on your face ;) try it out for yourself!


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