Althea Carnival Box and Kit + GWP

Annyeong Altheans! Have you been enjoying our birthday celebrations so far? #AltheaTurns4 this year comes with limited edition Carnival boxes, birthday kits and even gifts with purchase that you can add to your collection! Here’s the beauty breakdown on what’s good, plus how you can use them to win big!

Let’s start off with our Althea birthday boxes! This year’s theme is Althea’s Carnival where we invite you to celebrate and have fun with us! Our boxes this year comes in 3 different sizes (medium, large and XL), and feature 3 different shades of pink. They feature a golden emblem depicting Althea’s magical carnival, ready to invite you in!

Our birthday kits this year come with limited edition goodies: a special Althea Carnival Ticket and Balloon! The special tickets and balloons have been slipped randomly into Altheans’ purchases to add a little magical sparkle to their day. Lucky Altheans who manage to get their hands on the tickets will be in the running for the Carnival Ticket Lucky Draw, so be sure to stay tuned on our social media sites for that!

These are the ingredients for you guys to create your very own Althea Carnival to be in the running to win #AltheaTurns4 Fly Me To Korea Contest! Make it fun, creative and extra special; we can’t wait to see the entries for this year!

The birthday fun doesn’t just stop there, to add to your stash of collectibles, we even have gifts with purchases for you to bring home while stocks last. We have Ice-cream shower collectables and Lollipop pens that look absolutely delectable and cute (just make sure you don’t eat them!). Just key in the respective coupon codes before check out to get your own!

We're excited to keep the fun rolling this birthday month, and we hope you'll join us in Althea's Carnival! For more details on these and other cool promos, sales and giveaways, be sure to check out Althea's site and continue stalking us on Facebook and Instagram! What do you think of our magical theme this year? Which item really catches your eye? Let us know in the comments!

Have a magical day!

시드니 - Sydney


  1. What if you win, but you don't have social media (instagram/facebook)? Could you email customer service with photo evidence?

    1. Hello! Depending on the contest you're talking about :) If you're referring to the Carnival Ticket Lucky Draw, we'll be blasting out the names of the lucky winners on Althea's Facebook as well as Blog. If you really don't have social media, as long as it's within the prize collection time period, we should be able to make an exception :) All the best!


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