Limited Edition Althea Christmas Tree Box

Limited Edition Althea Christmas Tree Box

Ho Ho Ho the Holidays are finally here! (almost) so we have something very special for all our fans around the world this Christmas. Especially our avid Althea box collectors, you won't want to miss this out! Starting from today for every qualifying purchase made on Althea, it will be packed and shipped out in this limited edition Althea Christmas Tree box + sticker sheet! 

All this is while stocks last and you know how quickly our box runs out of stock! So get your hands on them early, and collect all three sizes S, M, and XL for maximum effect!

Qualifying orders means your order (items) must be able to fit into any of the size boxes during packing. For single or lesser/smaller items that do not fit the box (too much empty space), it will be pack into Althea Air instead. Althea Air is a bubble pack that can protect items from damage during transit.

Available in all 3 box sizes S. M, and XL

your box may come in different colors inside
(baby blue, baby green, baby pink)

use the sticker to decorate your tree!

Over the years, we know how creative our fans can get so for this festive season, we created this mini Christmas Tree so you can display and DIY at home in a cute corner, your desk, office, or room! It comes in three (3) different box sizes as usual - S, M, and XL. When put together standing up, the effect will awesome! (if you collect them all). 

Along with the tree, you'll also get a Christmas sticker to decorate your tree with. You can also DIY your own decorations like adding fairy lights on the tree or making your own tree ornamental decorations. The sky's the limit!

special silver hot stamping on the boxes
* collector's item must have! *

Here's an example of what we mean!

AND we saved the best for last! Each Althea Christmas Tree box comes with a silver hot-stamping (silver reflective print) on the snowflake, the big star, and festive lights. Move or boomerang your box to see it bling! Your box is so going to shine amongst the Christmas gifts this year.


We hope you like our holiday special, a gift from all of us from Althea Korea. There will also be a Christmas sale and promotions happening in the month of December so stay tuned to our social media sites for updates.

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