My JUMBO Pack Review

Jumbo Fruit Mask Pack (40pcs)

Is your skin feeling parched, dull, and have been exposed in an air-conditioned room for extended hours? Do you yearn for a hydration bomb and fix it? Then continue reading as I would like to share with you a “secret” I found that Althea has to offer, EXCLUSIVELY FOR MALAYSIANS!!

If you have not already tried the 4 OG masks Althea has to offer, let me tell you what you are missing out based on my experience with all 4 of em!

the OG fruit masks in peach, lemon-lime, watermelon & avocado!

Ac-Me-Peach Mask: Soothes and helps reduce inflammation when my acne comes for a visit

Water-Me-Long Mask: Showers my occasionally dry but always dehydrated skin with water

Avo-Cuddle-Me Mask: Moisturise and nourishes my skin when it’s flaky and feels tight

Sparkle-Me-Bright Mask: Imparted a radiant glow on my skin tone overall

What about the super exclusive offer that Althea has for us Malaysians? They have a jumbo set comprising of 40 pieces per bundle, 10 pieces each of the range I have listed. On top of that, it delivers locally, meaning that you will be receiving it wayyyyyy earlier than if it were shipped from Korea. 

click here to order the jumbo pack now *ready stock local delivery 2 - 3 working days*

To test how fast the delivery takes compared to the ones directly from Korea, I have decided to take a set myself. The order made was on 10th October, which falls on a Saturday. The parcel was delivered to me on 14th October, which is on a Wednesday. It took just 3 working days to arrive rather than a standard week or more! Get your hands on these lovely babies!

This guest post was written by our Althea Malaysia fan and skincare enthusiast @danxlees


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