The Laneige Cream Skin Range

Laneige's best-selling Cream Skin Range

Home to the best hydrating products, Laneige is also well known in the K-beauty scene for being a pioneer and an innovator. Launched in 2019, the innovative Cream Skim Range has maintained its popularity and has become a staple in our routines, especially those with dry skin types. In this post, we'll be sharing all about this iconic range of products, as well as the technology behind it.

First of all, what's in a name? The term "Cream Skin" is actually a combination of two words: cream + skin. "Cream" refers to the moisturizing capabilities of this range, while "skin" actually refers to "toner". In Korea, toners are referred to as "skin". At its debut, only the Cream Skin Refiner was released, and this product's aim was to imbue the moisturizing powers of a "cream" in a "skin/toner" texture, giving those with dry skin types deem moisture without any heavy texture or feeling. It was a hit, and the range has since been expanded to include a mist, a skin pack, and an oil cleanser!

Laneige's Cream Skin Range is available in different formats

Made with a patented Cream Blending Technology, these products combine the benefits of both cream and skin/toners. With White Leaf Tea Water to reinforce the skin barrier, this line of products is filled with mild and safe ingredients for those with dry skin.

This range also utilizes Single Drop Extraction Technology, where the white leaf tea water we mentioned before is actually obtained from the single drop extraction method. The result? Higher amino acid content that gives the skin continuous moisturization!

We mentioned that users with dry skin love this, but does that mean that it's only for those with dry skin? Absolutely not! The beauty of this range and what makes it popular is the innovative light texture that provides comfortable moisture to the skin. While those with dry skin who experience flaky or chapped skin will enjoy this, those with oily skin who experience greasy skin or feel like their skin is tight but oily can also use this. The trick is in the application method!

For those with dry skin:
Apply two layers of Cream Skin, patting it in for maximum absorption. Dampen some cotton pads and use them as mini masks for more moisture, or simply use the Quick Skin Pack!

For those with oily skin:
Use a light layer of the Cream skin. As the finish isn't sticky, this range will be perfect in hydrating your skin and maintaining/controlling your skin's water to oil balance.

Cream Skin Milk Oil Cleanser

A moisturizing oil cleanser that gently removes makeup and dead skin cells, this milky oil cleanser has a low pH of 5.5. This helps to maintain the skin's acidity level which would help to combat skin irritations, making this gentle product suitable for even for those with the most sensitive of skins. It also has a soft, milky texture that makes oil cleansing simple and fast

Cream Skin Refiner

Sparking the Cream Skin movement, this product is the solution to quenching your dehydrated skin's thirst. An effective cream toner rich in moisturizing and hydrating properties, this product helps to improve the skin’s moisture barrier. This product is a result of all the goodness found in a moisturizer melted into toner format. A must-have toner for dry and dehydrated skin types!

Cream Skin Quick Skin Pack

Injecting moisture into your daily routine, this product is made with Tencel sheets that are saturated in a lightweight formula. It applies onto the skin like water, but as it absorbs, it feels like the skin was moisturized with cream. It's infused with nourishing ingredients that leave the skin feeling supple, soothed, and refreshed.

Cream Skin Refiner Mist

This ultra-moisturizing fine face mist absorbs into the skin like water with a cream-like finish, leaves skin supple, soothed and refreshed. Ideal for rehydrating the skin throughout the day if you need the extra moisture, this mist also features a unique nozzle that has the ideal circular shape of face-angeling, ensuring that the mist spray lands gently on the skin.

Moisturize your skin comfortably and check our Laneige's best-selling Cream Skin Range on today!

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