2021 Spring Makeup Picks

2021 Spring Makeup Picks

Annyeong Altheans! The flowers have blossomed and spring has arrived! Although most of us are still keeping our distance and staying safe, some of us have started going back into the world (be it for work, school, or just in general).

Today, we will be sharing all about our new favorite makeup items that are worth checking out.

Neo Cushions

Credit: Laneige

The highly anticipated Laneige Neo Cushions are finally available on Althea! Available in a wider range of shades, this cushion is available in two variants: a Glow version for those looking for a fresh, dewy finish and a Matte finish that can last the entire day.

Neo Cushion Glow

Credit: Laneige

Using Liquid Diamond technology, this cushion offers 360-degree glow that can be seen from any angle. The first cushions ever to come with blue-light protection, this cushion is perfect for those looking for a cushion that can give them that mul-gwang/water-glow effect.

Neo Cushion Matte

Credit: Laneige

For those looking for a more practical option, the Matte version offers perfect coverage even with the lightest of applications. Covering pores & lines without being thick & cakey, this cushion is mask-proof and does not smudge once it has set. It also contains blue-light protection & is easily refillable. This super hot item is now on its way to being a best-seller!

Hershey's Kisses Play Color Eyes Brush Kit

This iconic sweet collaboration was launched a few months back on Althea, but due to its popularity, we have restocked! Now available as a kit containing a brush for easy application, choose from 3 delectable combinations of mattes and shimmers. As our eyes are the focus of the face when wearing face masks, we recommend trying these eyeshadow palettes as the colours are versatile and workable for daily use.

Hershey's Kisses Play Color Eyes Brush Kit Milk Chocolate, Credit: Etude

Hershey's Kisses Play Color Eyes Brush Kit Almond Chocolate, Credit: Etude

Hershey's Kisses Play Color Eyes Brush Kit Special Dark Chocolate, Credit: Etude

Play Color Eyes Milky New Year

For those looking for a more pastel approach for their makeup this spring season, we recommend checking out the new Play Color Eyes Milky New Year palettes from Etude. Available in 3 pastel variants, these palettes provide natural shades that are wearable and versatile.

Play Color Eyes Milky New Year Strawberry Milk, Credit: Etude

Play Color Eyes Milky New Year Banana Milk, Credit: Etude

Play Color Eyes Milky New Year Blueberry Milk, Credit: Etude

Milk Cheek

Continuing with this Spring's pastel vibe, the Milk Cheek blushes from the same collection from Etude offer sweet options for you to dress your cheeks. Available in three pastel tones, these blushes can also double as an eyeshadow base for a unique monochromatic look.

Milk Cheek Strawberry Milk, Credit: Etude

Milk Cheek Banana Milk, Credit: Etude

Milk Cheek Blueberry Milk, Credit: Etude

Simple Label Lip Color Balm

As most of us wear face masks when we're out and about, a lot of us may be more inclined to use a matte lipstick that does not smear. However, matte and long-lasting lip products may be too drying, and others may not even ever see your lips at all! Our alternative for this is to use moisturizing lip balms with a touch of colour. Not only will they keep your lips feeling soft and nourished, they will also give an MLBB (my lip but better) look if you ever do take your mask off for a while.

Infused with murumuru butter, shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil, the new Simple Label Lip Color Balms from Innisfree give a dewy sheen with sheer pigmentation. Choose from two lovely shades:

Simple Label Lip Color Balm #01 Rose, Credit: Innisfree

Simple Label Lip Color Balm #03 Dahlia, Credit: Innisfree

Keep it sweet and simple with our makeup picks this spring, now available at the best prices  on www.althea.kr!

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