Interview with Zehan Ilyana

Hello My Name is Zehan of @skincarerants

In conjunction with International Women's Day, we want to celebrate all things beautiful in life. Whether it be a desk full of beauty products, making your favorite cup of drink, and journaling in your diary, self-love should come first don't you agree? 🧁

But a bit of ranting is okay once a while no? let loose and share your thoughts! And when it comes to ranting about beauty, no one does it better than our Angel from Malaysia! With her whimsical charms and aesthetics, this beauty reviewer also loves everything that life gives to us. She even makes pouring ice cold milk coffee 🍹, so very therapeutic. The ASMR we 😍it! Check out her other feed here where she does a variety of drink recipes you can do at home.

She's also a jewelry maker on her personal feed zehanilyana πŸ’–
What she thinks about shopping on Althea πŸ’–

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and where you're from!
My name is Zehan, I’m currently a content creator and a jewelry maker. I’m born and raised in Klang, Selangor.

2. What do you mostly rant about?
In my skincarerants IG account, I usually make reviews and rants about skincare that I’ve been using.

3.The famous question:  skincare or makeup?
Definitely skincare! Been doing it since 2011 started in my blog, and continue here on Instagram since 2013 until now.

4. Share a quote that inspires you! 
I love this quote currently “visual your highest self and show up as her.”

5. What's your favorite product from Althea? and why!
I got top two fav from Althea which are Skin Relief Calming Cream and Petal Velvet Sunaway (can't choose which I love most between these two because I love love love them)

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