Double Cleansing 101

Before the days of K-beauty, we’d step into the shower, lather up a sudsy cleansing foam all over the face, rinse off and call it a day. Little did we know that this wasn’t the right way to ensure that the skin is properly cleansed without any leftover residue. When the Korean Double Cleanse method was introduced, we were intrigued (and slightly apprehensive) at adding more oil to our faces, but we were eager to try it out anyway. Now we’ve got this method down to a tee, and we’re going to break it all down for you.

What is the double cleanse?
It’s essentially a two-step cleansing method consisting of an oil cleanser, followed by a foaming cleanser. The science behind it is the first round of oil cleansing dissolves makeup and draws out impurities from the skin, making it easy for the water-based cleanser that follows to whisk everything away for skin that’s thoroughly clean. These steps are important as this ensures your pores aren’t clogged, which can cause breakouts or irritations that’ll eventually lead to scarring.

Step 1- Oil Cleanse
Oil cleansers come in three forms - liquid, balms or creams, and these can be applied directly onto dry skin. These oils don’t absorb into the skin, but instead pulls out all the impurities (sebum, dirt and even waterproof makeup!) and once emulsified with water, washes down the drain without stripping your skin of its essential moisture. Massage onto the skin in circular motions till makeup has totally dissolved, then add a little water till it becomes milky before rinsing off.

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Step 2- Water Cleanse
You can definitely pick your poison when it comes to water-based cleansers, but we prefer a slightly sudsy cleansing foam for squeaky clean (but still hydrated) skin. This step removes any leftover oily residue on the skin for a fresh complexion, ready to take on your skincare products.

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We think the Korean double cleanse method is genius, and we definitely see and feel the difference in our skins after following it. Do you guys follow this method too? To check out the products mentioned above, just pop them into the search bar on the site. What’s some of your favorite products? Let us know in the comments down below!

Have a magical day!

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