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We're more used to seeing our cleansers come in a tube or a stick, but the Da Mior cleansing soaps were enough to make us converts! Da Mior is known for their sudsy bars, and is a company that harnesses the vitality and nutrition value of bamboos in their products. Their skincare is not only fantastic for the skin, but great for the planet as well, pledging to donate a percentage of their profits to the R&D of bamboo forests for some sustainable beauty.

Da Mior's soap bars come in three different variations, and are encased in some seriously luxurious packaging. We adore the simple elegance of how the company has portrayed themselves, and upon opening, you know these soaps are good quality just from the look and feel of them. These handmade soaps use bamboo sap extract instead of purified water to really give the skin a hydrated boost, and are fermented for 45 days before customers can get their hands on them for maximum effectiveness. The best part about Da Mior's soaps is that it can be used all over the body, from shampooing your tresses to cleansing your face to washing your body as well. They are suitable for all skin types (refer to the one best suited for you below) and all ages, including your little loved ones too.

Bamboo Premium
The Bamboo Premium version is great for those with normal to sensitive, acne prone skin. Infused with all the goodness of bamboo plus bamboo green tea powder, centella, ginsenoside, olive oil and exclusive oriental medicine extracts, this soap is packed with antioxidants and nutrients for healthy and happy skin. Ideal for those suffering from hair loss or skin atopy, this soap is a soothing one that can be used on babies too. 

Bamboo Charcoal
With it's rich, black shade, it's no surprise that this soap is made with bamboo charcoal powder. Made for those with oily to combination skin, this product is great for drawing out impurities and controlling sebum production, while orostachys powder and houttuynia cordata powder to soothe skin troubles, improving the protective barrier and overall health of the complexion. This would be perfect for those looking for a solution to body acne as well.

Bamboo Leaf 
The Bamboo Leaf edition is made for those with drier to combination skin types. Enhanced with shea butter and coconut oil, this soap is specially designed to moisturize deep within the layers of the skin without compromising on dirt removal. It also contains mung bean powder and propolis extracts that have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Great for those with sensitive but dry and flakey skin.

All three of these come with a natural, slightly herbal smell that brings us back to our beauty roots, and sud up really nicely when lathered with some water (you'll get the best lather action with a bubble net). They almost feel like there's a film left while you're washing your skin, but it goes away with a little more rinsing. After cleansing, they leave skin feeling silky smooth and clean but not dehydrated. These are best left to air dry between uses, ideally placed in somewhere that isn't too humid. 

These multi-purpose bars of joy are fantastic to have around, and we love the natural factor of Da Mior products as well. If you guys are keen on trying this out for yourself, you can find them on Althea's site (just pop Da Mior into the search bar). What do you guys think of these soap bars? Do you think they're worth the buy? Let us know in the comments down below! 


  1. I love discovering new soaps or any facial wash that will deliver great results. I would love to try the Bamboo Premium and Charcoal for I have oily and acne prone skin. This is really something for it's not only for face but it can be use for the body too. I'll include this on my next Althea purchase.

    1. Hey Michele, thanks for dropping by! These soaps look gorgeous, aren't they? They can also be used for babies and those with sensitive skins. Happy shopping!


  2. I hope Da Mior soaps will be available again in ALTHEA :)

  3. These look awesome. I want to buy these soaps. Can you please tell me how to order?

    1. Annyeong dear Isla! Sadly, we do not longer stock these soaps. However, here's a little guide on how to shop so you can shop in the future: Head over to, create an account, add the items you'd like to your cart, check out and continue to payment! Hope this helps. 😘 xx


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