Breaking The Glass On Glass Skin

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That's it, we're breaking the glass on "Glass Skin"! There's no point beating around the bush with this: K-beauty has found itself another trend that has women (and men) all over the world lusting for its gorgeous complexion results. An evolution of the infamous "Chok-Chok" complexion, glass skin has found itself the object of the spotlight, and we're going to tell you just what it is, how to achieve it and recommend some products just for you.

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What is "Glass Skin"?
If you're already familiar with K-beauty's concept of skincare, you'll know that they put skin's hydration at the top of the list for great complexion. Glass skin is essentially an upgraded version of hydrating the skin, giving it lots of moisture from the inside out for even, poreless, translucent skin that radiates with a youthful glow. The glassy-like sheen doesn't come overnight, and it definitely pays to pay attention to what and how you're putting onto your face.

Seven Skin Method
Are you ready to meet our glass skin method of choice? In Korea, toners have a more viscous texture and contain moisturizing properties that not just remove leftover residue, but also add an extra hydration step to your routine. They're more commonly referred to as "skin" in Korea, and by layering it on seven times, it plumps up the skin and leaves a gorgeous dew where the light hits. The Seven Skin Method consists of you applying on the skin generously and patting it in gently with your fingers. Repeat seven times, and we guarantee by the time you're done, you'll have a glow worthy of a glassy goddess.

We love Real Skin Healthy Vinegar Skin Toner in MulberryHalf Moon Eyes Milky Jelly Toning Essence and The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisture Toner.

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We love the gorgeous sheen left on the skin and this method is especially fantastic for those of us who get really dry, flaky skin after a couple of hours. What do you think of Korea's latest beauty trend? Would you like to try this out for yourself? Let us know in the comments down below, and if you have any beauty tips for glass skin, be sure to share them too!

Have a magical day!

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  1. Koreans have beautiful skin, no wonder they are leading when it comes to skincare. Many are swooning over different skincare regimens and products from Korea. Plus, the weather is really great that is why the glass skin is perfect for them. As for me, I do have oily skin which most of Filipinos have because of our hot and humid weather that is why I think the Glass skin is a no-no for us. Probably, a dewy is much better.

    1. Ah, interesting insight there! Maybe if you used a lighter toner/ skin, you'll still be able to achieve glass skin without it being too heavy and sticky?



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