Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine - Mature Skin

Have you been keeping up with our Korean 10-step skincare routines for different skin types? After covering normal, sensitive, oily/acne prone and dry skin types, we're on our last part of this series! Today we'll be talking a bit about mature skin and how to main its youthful, plump glow following the infamous K-beauty regime.

As we grow older, our skin starts producing less and less collagen and cell turnover becomes slower, causing the skin to sag and lose elasticity. This leads to drooping in places we don't want, and wrinkles in nooks and crannies we didn't think were there. The key to maintaining a perky complexion is picking products that contain more potent, effective ingredients that are geared to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin.

Step 1: Makeup Remover
It pays to give your skin a little bit of moisture in every step when it's been through the years. For gentle but effective makeup removal, try Banilla Co's Clean It Zero Balm in Nourishing. This moisturizing cleansing balm has anti-aging properties to soften the skin as the makeup and impurities melt away, making it a definite must-have in your stash that'll keep your skin looking radiant and feeling supple.

Step 2: Cleanser
Removing dirt and impurities is essential, and finding a cleanser that's made with the right ingredients help to keep the skin from drying out. Dear, Klairs' Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser is formulated with amino acids, hyaluronic acid, ceramide 3 and olive oil, this nourishing cleanser clears the skin of dirt and impurities while ensuring it still stays hydrated and plump.

Step 3: Exfoliate
As the skin cell turnover isn't as frequent when you're older, it's important to pick a gentle exfoliator that not only removes dead skin cells but softens the layers of the skin too for better product penetration. Neogen's Gauze Peeling Wine are gentle pads soaked in a solution made with PHA and essential oils to gently remove dead skin cells, smoothen roughness and nourish the complexion. They come with both a gauze side and a cotton side for both exfoliation and prep, making it a great multitasking product for consistent use.

Step 4: Toner
Innisfree's Jeju Orchid Skin is great for prepping the skin while plumping up to improve the appearance of fine lines. It contains a orchid elixir harvested from orchids that bloom during wintertime to deliver intense moisture and nutrients to your skin, improving skin elasticity and brightening dullness for plump, youthful skin.

Step 5:  Essence
It's always a good idea to pick an essence that works to your advantage. The Intensive Revitalizing Essence from History Of Whoo contains highly concentrated red ginseng extracts that reaches deep into the layers of the skin, plumping them up from within to effectively combat wrinkles and signs of aging.

Step 6: Ampoule
Give your skin a boost with Century Recipies' Nogyu Skin Rebirth Ampoule ! This concentrate is made from a combination of deer oil, hyaluronic acid, skullcap extract, and sacha inchi to deeply hydrate the skin and nourish it with high amounts of fatty acids and vitamins A & E.

Step 7: Mask
Lift and tighten up any sagginess with the Coco-Me-Up Lifting Masks from A'bloom! They're packed with coconut extract and collagen derived from tremella mushrooms, instantly boosting the skin with moisture and firmness. Plus, they smell absolute divine and remind us a good vacation!

Step 8: Eye Product
Wrinkles can be a prominent problem in the delicate eye area. Try Benton's Fermentation Eye Cream that's made with EGF, ceramide, galactomyces and bifida to help improve the appearance of wrinkles as well as provide the skin with anti-aging properties. This formula is also really gentle, making sure not to irritate the eyes.

Step 9: Cream
As one of the last steps of your skincare, pick a cream that not only hydrates the skin but helps to firm up and improve the elasticity of your skin. Huxley's Secret of Sahara Cream: Anti-gravity contains 51% of organic-certified Sahara prickly pear cactus extract rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and hydrating properties to protect the skin against cell-damaging radicals and to provide hydration for firmer, brightened skin.

Step 10: SPF
Hydrating formulas are great for keeping the skin protected from both the sun and dryness. Althea Collection's Petal Velvet Sunaway uses a moisturizing mix of Damask rose extracts and hyaluronic acid to prevent dryness, while an SPF of 50 and PA++++ protects the skin from UV damage.

Phew! That was quite a bit of information, wasn’t it? We hope this guide helps those of you out there with drier complexions, and it paves the way for plump, radiant skin that'll make even a lightbulb jealous! Would you follow this Korean beauty regime on a daily basis? If you do, what are some of your favorite products? Share with us in the comments below! Find any of the products we've mentioned above from Althea's site for more info. :)

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  1. Perfect, I’m 40 now and have visible small pores and fine lines. Thanks for this article, very helpful. Will save money first to buy those stuff. But I’m eyeing with the Benton Eye Cream. Need to finish up all my skincare, (self confessed hoarder because of Althea Boxes) to buy those stuff you mention above. Will go back to this article again when I’m going to buy. Thanks Mermaid Syd and I kindly tell Santa Althea to make a box of this, please please please.


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