3 Steps To Glassy Skin

What's the hallmark of Korean beauty? That quintessential glow that gives the skin a radiance that looks bouncy to the touch, of course! We've previously touched on the glass skin method, but today, we'll be going in a little more in depth with the products and techniques you could use to achieve that glossy dewy complexion. Here's how to get that glow in just 3 steps!

Step 1: Toner/ Skin
Skin's are a little different to toners: they have added hydrating ingredients that are great for the skin. Not usually used as an astringent, these thicker toners are usually patted into the skin instead of wiping on with a cotton pad. To really give the skin an added hydration boost, we've picked a thicker, slightly gel-like toner to do the job. We've used the 7 Skin method and patted it into the skin seven times, layer upon layer. The trick to this method is to ensure that each layer is properly absorbed into the skin before starting on the next layer. Slightly tedious, but the results really do shine for themselves. We used Althea's Bare Essentials Primer Water that has a thicker consistency to plump up the skin. It also contains snow lotus extract to deeply moisturize the skin, perfect for adding a bouncy touch.

Step 2: Essence
Step two of this regime involves a rich and nourishing essence. You'll want to pick one that's got superb moisturizing powers, but is easily absorbed into the skin to avoid stickiness. For this, we used Prreti's Nourishing Multi-oil Serum that has a dual-phase formula reminiscent of your favorite makeup remover. When absorbed in, the skin feels bouncy to the touch without feeling oily, making it great for layering in between products. 

Step 3: Cream
To seal in all that moisture, we've selected a nourishing gel cream that doesn't feel heavy on the skin.
Mamonde's Rose Water Gel Cream is a cooling, ultra-hydrating formula that absorbs into the skin without feeling sticky. Smoothing this on as the last step seals in the goodness and ensures it stays locked into the skin throughout the day, as well as gives the complexions a delightful sheen.

There's no denying that the skin's left looking radiant, glowy and plump after this regime. Our little duckling looks gorgeous with "chok chok" glass skin, no? We love this (relatively) short regime that incorporates and condenses the benefits of the K-beauty routine. All of the products mentioned above and others amazing ones can be found on Althea's site. What would some of your favourite product picks to try out this 3 steps? Let us know in the comments below!

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