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It's true, K-beauty has made the lip tint huge and they've found a way into our purses, our vanities and ultimately our hearts too! Whether you're a fan of the quintessential Korean gradiant lip or you're looking for a long-lasting, bold look, tints come in an array of colours to suit just about any look. Today, we'll bet taking a look at some exciting lip tints from It's My. Here's the beauty breakdown on the Bong Tints!

It's My has made its mark on Althea and are well-known for their brushes. They create quality, fundamental products at a low price point, delivering value and great items to K-beauty lovers. The Bong Tints are testiment to this: they offer a pigmented formula that's moisturizing and bold in colour, making it one of It's My's star product in our eyes!

Not your conventional tint, this click-pen product has a super cute sponge applicator on the top that allows for an even, blended application, giving your lips a soft look without the hassle of needing other tools. Formulated with lip nourishing oils like argan oil, macadamia oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip fruit oil, these tints keep the lips moisturized throughout the day, so you can say bye-bye to chapped pouts.

The tints themselves feel very nice on, leaving the lips with bold, vivid colour and a healthy sheen. They have a pleasantly sweet scent that adds to the experience, and last through eating and drinking too, making them great for long hours of wear. The easy cap on the top fastens well, too, so you can chuck this in your purse for easy touch-ups without worry. To really showcase these fun tints, we've enlisted the help of The Aphrodites, a group of gorgeous Indonesian bloggers that are passionate about all things pretty, cute and K-beauty. Alright, enough talk, time for swatches!

BE01 So Coral

A fun and girly pink coral, perfect for everyday use. 

OR 01 Or Orange

A bright, sweet orange shade that'll give you K-beauty vibes.

RE 02 Tomorrow Red

A rich burgundy, perfect for those looking for darker tints to suit a more sultry look.

RE 01 Today Red

A bold, classic red that's great for any occasion.

Don't they look amazing? Thank you Cynthian, Bella, Mindy and Carolyn for being part of this, and we had such a blast having you at Althealand! You can find these and other It's My products on Althea's site (just pop it into the search bar). Have you guys tried these out for yourself? Which is your favorite colour? Let us know in the comments below!
Have a magical day!

Althea's Mermaid

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  1. The shades and the cushion tip are really cute! And by the way, The Aphrodites are so pretty! ♥


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