Say Bye-bye to Spots with Onsaemeein!

We love a clean, fresh complexion no matter the time or place. But unfortunately, pesky little spots know how to find their way to our skin, creating lumps, bumps and redness we can all do without. Luckily for us, there are solutions to this problem, and one of them comes in the form of Onsaemeein's Magic Solution Skin Powder. This curious looking product plopped into our laps and claims to zap spots right off our complexions. Here's the beauty breakdown on how it works!

Onsaemeein's philosophy is simple: use natural ingredients to create quality products for a reasonable price. They've tailor-made their products to suit the urban woman in both lifestyle and hectic work schedule, so their stuff is definitely worth checking out if you want to care for your skin even when you're busy. Made with great effective ingredients, the Onsaemeein Magic Solution Skin Powder proves that you don't need to spends loads of cash for something that works.

The Magic Solution Skin Powder is an interesting spot treatment product that targets acne. This dual-formula solution consists of an alcohol (to kill bacteria) and a powder layer (to treat the pimple). It contains salicylic acid, witch hazel extract, crown wood fern extract and other bacteria fighting ingredients to purify and treat blemishes. The coolest thing about this powder is definitely its method of usage: before using the product, you CANNOT shake it to combine both liquids. In fact, you have to allow the pink powder layer to settle right at the bottom before anything else. Dip a cotton bud in, past the clear solution right down to the end, picking up some of the powder before coming back up and applying it onto the targetted area. Voila!

Aside from the strong alcohol smell it initially has (it fades away pretty quickly), the product essentially doesn't smell or feel of much. Once applied, the solution dries down to a powder finish. Since it's recommended that you leave on the product for at least a couple of hours, our favorite time of the day to use this is right before we hit the sack, allowing the product to really work its magic as we catch some Z's. If you're worried about leftover powder residue in the morning, don't be! It rinses off with some water and will wash right off with your cleansing routine in the morning.

Acne-prone babes, are you rejoicing yet? We sure are, and you can bet we'll be using Onsaemeein's Magic Solution Skin Powder to zap those zits away! You can find this and other Onsaemeein products on Althea's site (just pop it into the search bar). Have you guys tried this out for yourself? What are some of your must have spot treatments? Let us know in the comments down below!

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