Paul Medison's Face Circle

Do you believe in magic? If you didn't before, you might after you hear about one of our latest offerings here on Althealand! What if we told you that you could remove makeup with just water? We've got our hands on the Paul Medison Face Circles that's both easy to use and purse friendly, and best of all, uses nothing but water to ensure your face is clean and fresh. Here's the beauty breakdown on the Face Circles!

Paul Medison uses science and quality materials to create dermatologically tested products for those of us looking for beauty with substance. Their Face Circles are specially engineered, using micro-fibres to gently but effectively whisk away dirt, makeup, and impurities from the skin without needing anything more than just water. If you're one who doesn't like sticky, oily residue or your schedule is extra hectic, this is perfect as it doesn't require multiple washes for clean, fresh skin.

The Face Circles work gently on the skin, loosening up the particles of impurities on the skin and rinsing them down the drain with some water. Method of using these plush pads are simple: dampen them with water and wring them out before gently wiping onto the skin till clean. The material of these are soft and very forgiving on the skin, so you don't have to worry about needing to scrub your face raw. Curious to see how they fare? We've gotten our lovely Pixie to try them out.

As you can see, the face is left totally makeup-free and looking nice and clean. If you're wondering about cleaning the pads themselves, you can work some elbow grease and cleanse them with a gentle soap (baby shampoo or facial cleansers would work great), or if you're feeling extra lazy, just throw them into the washing machine with some laundry. Easy peasy!

We loved how these fared, and most of all, we loved that by using the Face Circles from Paul Medison, our skin isn't exposed to potentially harsh chemicals or irritants, You can find these and other cool K-beauty items on Althea's site. What do you guys think of these Face Circles? Have you tried anything else like this before? Let us know in the comments down below!

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