Makeup Multitaskers

Make your makeup work for you! Sure, products are made for specific uses, but who reads labels anyway? Go beyond the packaging and give your favorite cosmetic item an extra bang for your buck, using them for more than just one step of your beauty regime. Can your makeup really do it all? Here’s proof that they can and how they’ll make your life easier!

Althea Petal Velvet Powder - Face Powder + Dry Shampoo

Can’t get enough of Althea’s PVP? We love using this face powder to get a great velvety finish on our skin after all! This finely milled powder isn’t just dust away shininess and oil on the complexion, it’s also great for dusting onto the hair as a dry shampoo! Just pick up a little with a brush or a puff and apply to the roots of the hair before shaking it through with your fingers. Voila! Fresh, clean hair.

Made with black soybean extracts, this clear mascara can be worn on its or as a top coat to give your lashes some nutrition and definition. Sure, they're great for keeping your fluttery lashes looking curled and perky, but ever considered using it as a brow gel too? Comb through your brows to give them effortless structure, holding all those flyaways in place as you go out and about. The best part is that this formula is waterproof, so both your lashes and brows can look fantastic all day!

VDL Lumilayer Primer - Primer + Highlighter

Skin perfecting, illuminating and oh, so pretty, this gorgeous primer has a hydrating formula with pearl pigments that plumps up the skin and gives a lit-from-within look. It’s great for smoothing on before your base makeup to ensure it stays all day while looking radiant. Don’t just stop there though; dab a little extra onto the high points of your face (tops of cheeks, the center of nose, chin) to bring them out, adding some extra oomph for a highlighted, dewy look.

This creamy and pigmented formula leaves your lips drenched in juicy color, complete with a hydrating formula and a sultry sheen. To kick your look up a notch, dot on the same shade onto your cheeks and blend out with your fingers for a monochromatic flush!

It's My Eye Maker - Eyelid Glue + Lash Glue

Okay, maybe we cheated a little with this one, but bear with us. For our monolid ladies out there who want a little more lid crease, this pen can be used as a double eyelid glue that’s both easy to use and comfortable on the skin. Looking for a little more drama? This handy pen doubles as an eyelash glue! Just twist up and apply directly to the lash band, allow to become tacky then apply on to the lashline.

Inspired already? We’ll definitely be keeping these close by next time we need some easy multitaskers! You can find all the stuff mentioned above on Althea’s site (just pop the name into the search bar). What are some of your favorite multitaskers? How do you use them? Let us know in the comments down below!

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