To all moms: You're a Gem!

Give your mom a special gemstone this Mother's Day

Known to be super relaxing and perfect for improving blood circulation, Jardin's Rose Quarts Rollers and Angel Wing Gua Sha have been faves of ours since we brought them on and shared them with our beloved Altheans. In this post, we'll be sharing all about them + why they make the perfect Mother's Day gift for that precious woman in your life!

First of all, what is Rose Quartz? Known to emit a vibration that releases tension, the rose quartz is a gemstone that calms inflammation and encourages cell restoration.

Commonly called the "Love Stone", this precious gem promotes a sense of warmth & compassion and is also a powerful healing stone that can help to increase self-love, ease tension and ward off negative emotions. We all know that stress and negativity can contribute to premature aging, so incorporating beauty tools made of rose quartz can help to combat these issues.

Rose Quartz Face Roller

A must-have beauty tool that has captured the hearts of Altheans worldwide

A dual-ended face massager that's made from 100% natural Brazilian gemstone, this tool helps to improve blood circulation, encouraging collagen synthesis while simultaneously soothing the skin with a cool sensation.

Encourage collagen synthesis with a rose quartz roller

While the wider roller is perfect for massaging the wider planes of the face (like our cheeks and forehead), it also comes with a smaller roller that can reach and massage the smaller crevices of our faces (like our under eyes and smile lines).

Double ended to reach all nooks and crevices of the face & body

To use it on your eyes, first start off by applying a lubrication product such as a serum, cream or oil. Next, use the large side to toll above the eyebrows & over the eyelids, sweeping from the inside to the outside. Next, use the smaller side to gently press or roll around the temples of your face.

As for the face and cheekbones, smoothly roll from your inner cheek to your outer cheek, making sure to work in upwards motions. You can also use this roller on your chin and neck area by rolling in an upwards motion!

The rolling technique doubles as a lymphatic drainage massage, increasing blood circulation while encouraging oxygen to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. This helps to release any trapped toxins as well as stimulates collagen production. It also smoothes wrinkles and improves the skin’s elasticity, giving your complexion a luminous glow while allowing deeper penetration of the serums or creams used in conjunction with the roller.

Rose Quartz Angel Wing

Drain your face and body's toxins today with a guasha!

For those not yet familiar with this tool, a gua sha is a tool used in traditional Chinese medicine to massage and "scrape" the skin. It is commonly found in spas and skin care centers, and they're known for being great at improving blood circulation and draining toxins from the body.

Also made from 100% natural Brazilian rose quartz, this uniquely shaped Angel Wing Gua Sha massager from Jardin uses pressure points to help improve circulation and soothe stress. 

Made from high quality Brazilian Rose Quartz

The wider parts of the tool can be used in a "scraping" motion on the face, sweeping all those nasties away.

The perfect tool for firming the skin

Similar to the roller, you first start off by lubrication your face with the product of your choice. Be careful; not to massage too hard or else bruising might occur!

Starting at the neck, take the curved side of the tool and slide it in an upwards and outwards motion. Next, move onto your jawline, under-eye area, cheeks, brow bone, and forehead. Repeat this two to three times in each area and perform this technique several times a week for the best results!

While it won't give you permanent results after only a few uses, the gua sha method will help firm and lift your face after continuous and regular use. The massaging and scraping motions will help loosen muscle tension which can prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming later on.

Pretty in pink and perfect for both me and mom

Perfectly pretty but also super functional, grab these beauty tools at the best price on today!

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