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All about Cica

A powerhouse skincare ingredient in K-beauty today, Cica is now featured by most K-beauty brands in their products and is loved by Altheans all over the globe. Today, we'll be sharing all about this skin-friendly ingredient and how you can incorporate it into your routines.

Cica comes from it's full name - Centella Asiatica

Known in ancient times as Tiger Grass because of how tigers used to roll in them to heal their wounds, the term Cica actually comes from it's full name - Centella Asiatica. Known to improve skin condition, help with skin regeneration and aid in anti-inflammation and soothing, Cica is a leafy green herb used thoughout the centuries (especially in oriental medicine) to treat wounds.

Proven by scientists to actually have effects in healing burns and cuts, Cica has been incorporated into more and more products throughout the years because of its suitability to even those with sensitive skin.

Tigers used to roll in Cica to heal their wounds

Rich in amino acids & beta carotene. Cica is great at calming and repairing skin. It's also been show to stimulate collagen production, helping your skin rebuild itself, help against scars and keep the skin elastic. What's better than an ingredient that not only heals but also helps to strengthen your skin with anti-ageing benefits for the future?

The main active compounds in Cica include madecassoside acid, asiatic acid, and asiaticoside. This is why sometimes, you can see Madecassoside Creams in the market as well.

Tried and tested even by our Althea team, here are some of our top Cica picks that we recommend checking out:

Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam

A gentle foam cleanser with pH5 for a healthy skin barrier, this cleanser uses high-quality cica fresh from Madagascar. Containing coconut oil and baking soda instead of chemicals, this cleanser is perfect for cleansing the dace without leaving the skin stripped of moisture. We recommend this to those who require calming and soothing benefits during cleansing and to those who are sensitive to artificial fragrances!

Madagascar Centella Toning Toner

Selling over 100,000 units since its first production in 2018, this toner has been renewed and is now more powerful than ever. Removing dead skin cells to effectively deliver the benefits of cica deep into the skin, this toner contains non-irritating ingredients that also help moisturize & brighten the skin. With a gentle PHA that can be used even by those with sensitive skin, this toner is great for speeding up cell turnover and fading scars.

Fresh Cica Plus Clear Serum

Effective for those with sensitive skin & a weak skin barrier, this serum contains something called a Green Cica Complex - a highly concentrated cocktail featuring Centella Asiatica. This special mixture helps to soothe and hydrate irritated skin, and your skin is sure to thank you for this.

Cica Teatree Relaxing Mask Pack

With madecassoside acid, asiatic acid, asiaticoside and madecassic acid to help the skin, this mask is made with a super comfy material that effectively delivers the nutrients to the skin. It's great for bringing instant comfort to irritated skin!

Dr Belmeur Advanced Cica Emulsion

For those living in warmer climates, an emulsion might be your best bet for ultimate comfort. With The Face Shop's patented Skin-sync RX complex and a Cica Balancing Solution, this emulsion has a comfortable texture and is made without harmful ingredients. Dermatologically tested, this also has a pleasant citrus scent that dissipates upon absorption.

Dr.Belmeur Advanced Cica Recovery Cream

As its name suggests, the Advanced Cica Recovery Cream is a moisturizing facial cream that contains soothing, skin barrier-strengthening, regenerating and firming ingredients like Ceramide, Panthenol, and Centella Asiatica extract to treat damaged skin barrier caused by irritation, dryness, or breakouts.

Cica Sleeping Mask

Did you know that your skin repairs itself while you sleep? Give it a helping hand with Laneige's Cica Sleeping Mask, a version of the best-selling sleeping mask infused with more skin soothing ingredients. Also infused with Amore Pacific's patented 'Forest Yeast' derived from cica, it helps to strengthen the skin's barrier, preventing future irritations and calming the skin as you rest, leaving you with skin that's even, balanced and supple in the morning.

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