Saat Insight Sleeping Hair Cream

Losing sleep over dry, damaged hair? We love experimenting and trying new things, especially when it comes to our locks. Perming, straghtening, bleaching and dyeing- you name it, we've done it. While it's fun to try something new, it's also just as equally important to take care of your mane and ensure that it's healthy and strong. In pretty, aesthetically pleasing pink packaging, Saat Insight's Sleeping Hair Cream plopped into our laps, ready to whisk us away into our hair dreams. Of course we couldn't say no! Here's the beauty breakdown on this hair wonder!

Saat Insight believes that every woman is beautiful and they create products to bring out their confidence from within. Inspired from nature, Saat Insight's products are made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

Their Sleeping Hair Cream is no exception and is made with fine ingredients (which we'll get into a little more later). Definitely made for those of us who lead a busy life style, Saat Insight's Sleeping Hair Cream works to repair your hair while you catch those Z's, perfect for throwing on and waking up to soft, healthy hair.

Formulated with a mix of nourishing ingredients including camelia leaf, carob bean and persimmon extracts, the Sleeping Hair Cream works to nourish the strands from within, ensuring your hair doesn't just look healthy but feels it too. It also contains oils like the ones from coconuts, argan seeds, olives and castor seeds to smooth out and moisturize your hair, keeping it tangle free.

The texture itself is almost like a light conditioner, and once massaged into the hair, it absorbs in really quickly so you don't have to worry about it being heavy. We concentrated this more on the ends as applying it directly onto the scalp may cause it to be oily. Just make sure that you don't apply too much too quickly, otherwise it can leave your hair feeling sticky. Start of with a small amount and if you need it, add more because you can always add product but you can't take it away. The scent itself is probably my favorite part: it smelled slightly herbally and very pleasent, reminiscent of expensive salon products.

The instructions that come with the Sleeping Hair Cream tell you to leave it on overnight, but we couldn't wait that long in between pictures, so we waited 30 minutes before snaping the 'after' shot. Just within that short amount of time, it smoothed out kinks and tamed frizz like a champ. My hair felt silky and soft to the touch! Can you imagine the magic it would do if you left it on all night?

We're in love with the magic Saat Insight's Sleeping Hair Cream can do, and we can't get enough of it! If you're interested to try this out for yourself, search up Saat on Althea's site for more info. Would you like to try this out for yourselves? What are some of your favorite hair remedies? Let us know in the comments below!

Have a magical day!

Althea's Mermaid 

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