Daily Skin Strawberry Milk Soap

Strawberry fields forever! Bright, fruity and infused with the red fruit's delicious goodness, Daily Skin's Strawberry Milk Soap has found its way into Althealand. If you're looking to welcome in the new year with a new beauty routine, you'll definitely want to give this one a try. With a super cute milk carton as its packaging, we knew we couldn't let this fruity bar go unnoticed! Here's the beauty breakdown on Daily Skin's Strawberry Milk Soap.

Daily Skin's philosophy is simple: to make your skin better than it was yesterday. With natural, effective ingredients, these quality products work to better and repair your skin in gentle ways that give a long lasting effect when used consistently. They're not all work and no play though: Daily Skin's products are given adorable, chic packaging that allows them to appeal to the young, urban crowd.The Strawberry Milk Soap is no exception and its made with nourishing ingredients that not just clean the skin but keeps it nice and healthy too.

Daily Skin's Strawberry Milk Soap works to remove dirt, impurities and makeup off the skin while ensuring that your skin stays soft, hydrated and smooth. Rich in vitamin C, this soap is made with strawberry and opuntia coccinellifera extracts to brighten up dull complexions. It's also made with a mix of oils including jojoba, cocoa butter and olive oils to moisturize and protect the skin from drying out. The goodness doesn't just stop there: this pretty pink disc is also formulated with hyaluronic acid (to hydrate) and milk protein extracts (to nourish), so you already know this soap is going to be good for you. 

This adorable soap lathers up pretty well on its own, but if you're looking for some serious suds, we definitely recommend using a bubble maker with this. The foam we got from this product were soft, dense and almost marshmallow-like (as you can see from Danish Swan's face), making this a really fun cleansing experience. The scent is absolutely delicious and probably our favorite part of this product: bright and slightly tarte, reminiscent of fresh sweet strawberries right out from the field.

The foam this soap makes is so soft and light! It felt really nice on my face and made my skin feel smooth and clean. However, on my dry skin, it does feel slightly tight afterwards, so I had to apply on a moisturizer to balance it out. I think this would be especially great for those with normal to oilier complexions!

So yummy, we could almost eat it! Daily Skin's Strawberry Soap is definitely something to try out if you're a fan of fruity berry products. If you're interested to look this up for yourself, all you have to do is search this up on Althea's site for more info. Would you like to try this for yourself? What's your favorite fruit flavor? Let us know hown below!


  1. I would like to try this and my favorite fruit flavor is Strawberry. I love Love the scent. Happy New Year Mermaid Syd and the rest of the gang of Althea. God bless mwuah mwuah mwuah

  2. This is beautiful! I hope I'd get to use one of these ♥♥♥


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