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That's it, we're already in the last month of 2017! Wow, didn't the year just fly right by? The warm seasons have come and gone, and winter is upon us. With the coldness, visions of being bundled up by the fire and decadently beautiful snow come to mind, but with that comes the not so glamorous trouble of being dehydrated and chapped. Keep your inner snow bunny glowing with these moisture-filled treatments that'll keep you looking as fine as that warm eggnog in your hands! Here are some of our top treatment picks for this holiday season.

Acwell Aqua Weekly Sleeping Recharger 
Snuggling up during the cold weather for naps here and there is an absolute must, but make the most out of catching the Z's with these sleeping masks! Made to be used over the course of a week, this intensively hydrating program recharges the skin with moisture, working through the stages of prep, treatment and maintenance. With formulas containing traditional medicine complexes, these sleeping masks penetrate deep into the layers of the skin to plump it up from within. After a week, you'll be left with youthful, hydrated skin that'll beat the cold!

How to use: Apply onto clean skin before bed time and leave on overnight. Rinse off when morning comes. 

Etude House Ever Due Wrapping Oil
After applying on your favorite skincare products, seal it all in with this enriched oil to give your skin a boost of moisture! It's made with infamously nourishing ingredients including argan oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil, so you already know this is going to be good for your complexion. This lightweight yet luxurious oil absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any sticky residue behind. Choose to pat this into the skin on its own, or mix it with your favorite cream or serum to level-up your skincare. 

 How to use: Spread 2-3 drops evenly onto the skin and gently pat it in till fully absorbed.

Mise-En-Scene Perfect Repair Hair Mask Pack
The lack of humidity can actually lead to dry, brittle hair that feel crunchy to the touch. Give your gorgeous locks some much needed TLC with this hot oil hair pack! Like a salon treatment right in the comfort of your own home, this solution is infused with argan, camellia, coconut, apricot, marula, jojoba and olive oils. When when combined with the self-warming oil in the cap provided, it intensely repairs and restores shine to damaged strands. Your hair'll thank us later!

How to use: After washing hair, squeeze out as much water as possible and apply the hair pack from roots to ends. Wrap the hair in the steam hair mask cap provided and gently massage in to activate the self-warming oil. Leave on for 15 minutes before removing cap and rinsing thoroughly with water.

Glamfox Fluerissant Lip Glow
It's almost mistletoe season, so you'll definitely want to keep your lips kiss-ready! This adorable lipstick doesn't just look pretty in your purse, it's formulated with an array of floral extracts including chamomile, rose, hibiscus, lily, magnolia and much more to ensure your lips are healthy, plump and soft to the touch. It also contains real 24k gold to encourage blood circulation and brighten dull lips too. The best part? It magically tints the lips in a natural pink shade to make you look that much more kissable. Pucker up! 

 How to use: Twist up and apply directly onto the lips from the tube.
1004 Laboratory Ardente Body Lotion
We can't forget the body now, can we? Soft, touchable skin is always on trend, and definitely no less than desirable when it's cuddle weather. Made with oxygenated water from Jeju, this moisturizer goes right into the layer of the skin, hydrating it from the inside out. Thanks to Trehalose, it also creates a protective moisture barrier that prevents evaporation for moisture that lasts. Take your pick from 4 different scents to suit your mood.  

How to use: Squeeze out and apply evenly onto the skin, patting in gently for better absorption. 

Ah, our minds are at ease now, and we can go into the chilly weather without any worries this year end! If you're interested to check these items out for yourself, be sure to check out Althea's site for more info. Have you guys tried any of these items out? What are your must haves for the drier months? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. That lipstick is so pretty. I like to have that but I don’t like to use it because I don’t like to ruin the wholeness of that lipstick. I just like to see it, seeing it makes me happy. Its so magical for me. Bravo for the art of making that lipstick.

    1. Pixie can't deny that either! It is really pretty but make sure to give some love to your lips too okay? :D


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