Double Trouble with Hey Nature

Great things come in pairs, and what better way to do your makeup than effortlessly and efficiently? The perfect ombre has been on trend with K-beauty for years, and while the look is desirable, it can sometimes require lots of products and practice to achieve. Lucky for us, Hey Nature's dropped some bomb-as products that'll give you that trendy Korean look with no hassle. Having the perfect gradient has never come this easy!

With the firm belief that nature is beauty's best friend, Hey Nature has been around since 2002, and you can bet that with its years of experience comes quality products. Made with natural ingredients, they ensure that all their products hypoallergenic, making them suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. Today, we'll be testing out their Dual Eyeshadows and Dual Color Lipsticks and showing you just what they're made of!

For those looking to get an eye look with just one product, this'll be right up your alley. In easy-to-wear neutral shades, these pens feature a shimmery formula that halves into a lighter shade and a darker one at the bottom. They also come with a sponge applicator on the back to help blend the eyeshadows out for a seamless finish. These may take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it saves you a lot of time in the morning when you're rushing out to work. You can thank us later!

How to use: Apply onto the eye lids with the darker shade facing towards the eyelashes. Swipe on till you reach the opacity desired, then blend out with the sponge applicator provided.

Dual Color Lipsticks
My, oh my are these lipsticks a dream! If you're a fan of moisturizing formulas, you're definitely going to love these. These twist-up pens come with a lighter shade on one half and a darker shade on the other, expertly paired up in a single tube for a quick and precise application. They glide onto the lips smoothly and are opaque in one swipe. Once applied, all you have to do is smack your lips together a couple of times to blend out (note that you shouldn't be rubbing your lips around, and the more you press your lips together, the more blended the gradient will be). Just be sure you have the lipsticks in the right direction, and you'll be set!

How to use: Apply onto the lips according to its shape with the darker shade facing the inner portions of the lips. After fully coated, blend out by gently and carefully pressing lips together.

It seems that two is definitely better than one, especially in Hey Nature's case! We love taking these with us while we're traveling as they're great for a put-together look with no hassle. You can find these on Althea's site (just pop the names in the search bar), so be sure to check them out. What do you guys think of these dual coloured products? Would you try them out for yourself? Let us know in the comments section down below!


  1. Much cheaper to Laneige Two Tone Lip and Shadow Bar. 😍

    1. Yes, it's affordable and perfect for those who are looking to try new brands too! -Pixie Anis


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