Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine - Dry Skin

Have you been keeping up with our Korean 10- Step Skincare Routine posts? We're all about good, healthy skin with that must-have 'chok chok' glow. We covered oily/ acne prone skin types last week, and this week we'll be tackling something most of us can relate to: dry skin types!

You know that terribly tight feeling your skin gets? Like moving your mouth the wrong way could make your skin split? Aside from feeling uncomfortable, not giving your skin enough moisture can cause flakey skin and fine lines to appear, making your skin age before you're ready to. It's vital for dry skin types to look out for ultra-hydrating formulas with nourishing ingredients to ensure the complexion is plump and healthy. Let's break down the steps one-by-one with some of our picks for each category.

Step 1: Makeup Removers / Oil Cleansers
Removing makeup after a long day is super satisfying, isn't it? Having your skin be on the drier side means that you'll probably have flakes at the end of the day. Consider a thicker balm to help remove everything from the skin while ensuring that your skin is kept hydrated. Beauty of Joseon's Radiance Cleansing Balm contains rice water, fermented grains, and chrysanthemum to keep the skin hydrated as it helps to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities.

Step 2: Cleanser
It can be a tricky balance trying to find a soap that leaves the skin clean but doesn't dry it out. We love multitasking products like Althea Collection's Real Fresh Skin Detoxer in Green Tea. This 2-in-1 mask cleanser contains real green tea leaves and extracts to ensure the skin feels soft, clean and supple. No dryness here!

Step 3: Exfoliator
Gently remove any excess dry flakes with the Apricot Peeling Gel from Beauty of Joseon, a gentle formula that uses enzymic reactions to help remove dead skin cells. This ensures that there are no sharp particles that cause micro-scratches on the skin which could potentially dry out the complexion even more, and it leaves the skin feeling bouncy soft.
Step 4: Toner
While toners are usually thought of as astringents, those kinds of toners can really dry out the skin further. Take this opportunity to start incorporating moisture into your routine by using a "skin" type toner that's slightly thicker. Althea Collection's Bare Essentials Primer Water is one of my personal favorites, and is great for keeping the skin feeling plump and hydrated. If you're feeling a little extra, you can try this out using the Seven Skin Method.
Step 5: Essence
Here's the time to pack in as many moisturizing properties as you can. Nacific's Glow Intensive Bubble Essence is the perfect way to add some radiance to your skin while ensuring it stays moisturized and plump. Don't let the little bubbles scare you, they're rich oxygen bubbles that penetrate into the skin for a better complexion.

Step 6: Ampoules
Ampoules are some of the most concentrated products out there, and if you have really dry skin, you'll definitely want to hunt down a good one. Maxclinic's Propolis Barrier Ampoule contains propolis (the ingredient honey is made from) that has super moisturizing properties to relieve the skin of dryness. This ampoule is slightly sticky upon application but once thoroughly patted in, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin.

Step 7: Sheet Mask
Treat yourself to a home-made spa with a luxurious sheet mask, perfect for pampering yourself with. For dry skin types, more emollient formulas are best as they calm while pumping the skin full of nutrients. The Avo-Cuddle-Me Nourishing Mask from A'bloom is formulated with the delicious superfood to keep the skin youthful, supple and plump.
Step 8: Eye Product
Give the delicate area around the eyes some TLC with Laneige's Perfect Renew Firming Cream. Containing ceramide water, this not only helps to plump up the eyes for a brighter look, it helps keep that area moisturized throughout the day too. After all, you don't want any dryness as that can lead to fine lines and wrinkles forming, making you age quicker than you should.

Step 9: Cream
Now that you've got all that moisture onto the skin, lock it all in with a rich, luxurious cream to ensure your complexion is supple and bouncy throughout the day. Mamonde's Rose Water Gel Cream is made with extracts from Damascan roses for a rich, almost jelly-like cream that not only helps to moisturize but also improves the overall health and condition of the skin.

Step 10: Sun Protection
Be sure to pick out a formula that doesn't cause a white cast to emphasize those dry skin flakes! The Petal Velvet Sunaway from Althea Collection is a gentle formula that doesn't dry out the skin thanks to Damask rose extracts and hyaluronic acid. It leaves no white cast on the skin, and its lightweight texture helps prevent the skin from getting oily, making it perfect for everyday use.

Phew! That was quite a bit of information, wasn’t it? We hope this guide helps those of you out there with drier complexions, and it paves the way for plump, radiant skin that'll make even a lightbulb jealous! Would you follow this Korean beauty regime on a daily basis? If you do, what are some of your favorite products? Share with us in the comments below! Find any of the products we've mentioned above from Althea's site for more info. :)


  1. Yay its true the exfoliating pads from Whamisa is very gentle, thanks for the grand opening of that Brand at Althea I was lucky to receive it as gift! I also love that Ceramide Toner from The Faceshop, mine is almost empty, bought it from Althea as my 3rd delivered Althea box. I am also using that Red Cream from Skin and Lab. And I have also that It's my Sun Cream ayayaay! Thanks Ms. Syd! May you have a wonderful Christmas and Lovely 2018!

  2. I find this blog really helpful! I thought I have everything on my lists not until I've read this blog! Thank you for sharing some tips on how to take care of my dry skin using the products being mentioned above. ♥♥♥

  3. I have the Whamisa’s Organic Flower Peeling Pads in Moisture Care, it so gentle and full of essence. I even apply that in my elbows and feet at evening and I wake up with moisturize feet and elbows.

    1. Whamisa is a brand known to use organic and natural ingredients so it's gentle enough for those with sensitive skin! You might want to check out their toner as well, it's well-loved by many kbeauty-holics too :) -Pixie Anis

  4. How about the skin that easily burn?

  5. Replies
    1. Woohoo! We're glad you think so and hope this helps <3



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