Interview with Tehmina Kaoosji

Tehmina Kaoosji has it all: beauty, brains, and brawn to kick your butt too! A model, actress, emcee and producer, Tehmina has appeared in numorous films and graced the pages of countless magazines, but is best known for her role as Sara in Sara Is Missing (a brilliant horror-based game that has even big YouTubers like Markiplier and Jackscepticeye talking!). When she's not in front of the camera, she's spending her time reading up on world affairs or hunting down and plotting out the next big story. We manage to catch a moment in her hectic routine and sat her down to find out some of her secrets to beauty and life. Curious? Read on!

1) How do you balance out your lifestyle, from all the shooting and live talk shows to being a yoga enthusiast too?

I usually have a jam packed schedule all year round, but I always try and prioritize the same things: work, sleep, health & fitness, family and friends. In that order! What helps most is planning in advance and starting my day off right. I'm an early riser and by default can't stay in bed past sunrise and ideally, I'll get in a heavy circuit workout first thing. Then I check and reply my emails while having breakfast. Since I'm on the go for most of the day, I do research for my shows, reply emails and make calls while commuting in between shoot locations and appointments. I try to keep moving by doing some stretching even when I'm on location shooting. My fitness mantra is simple: MOVE DAILY. Seriously, your body will thank you for it 30 years down the road!

2) As a person always under the limelight, is there any advice you can give in how to be able to maintain confidence?

Confidence is an interesting trait and being confident is truly a state of mind first and a physical attribute, second. So, try and be mentally prepared for any situation that may arise along the course of a day, as well as put in the effort to put your best self forward. Be it knowing the right things to say or slaying a great outfit, focus on whatever helps bring out the best in your confidence levels, and work towards it daily! There are no shortcuts! Plus, putting in effort for things you're passionate about only helps increase your confidence, so it's a win WIN!

3) How did you become Sara from the Sara is missing horror game?

Honestly, I've been acting since I was 10 and have been in many projects before including both international and local productions, however Sara Is Missing has really been the most traction my acting has ever gotten! S.I.M. is the brainchild of my ingenious director and writer friend Buddy Anwardi. Long story short, we sometimes bounce ideas and plots off each other and in mid-2016, he'd asked me to help answer a hypothetical questionnaire about a strong, female protagonist, A few months down the line, that turned out to be the groundwork for Sara, the character. We never expected it to blow up as big as it did and for fans to be so immersed in the story. It has been immensely gratifying for the whole S.I.M writing team to know that game fans genuinely think Sara is a real person stuck in a life and death limbo! As for myself, Sara will always remain close to my heart because of the honest to goodness real and dedicated fans S.I.M brought to life.

4) What is a beauty secret you'd love to share? 

I'm BIG on all natural ingredients and organic products so I must say extra virgin coconut oil is really my all-in-one for everything from daily makeup removal, moisturizing my often eczema and allergy prone skin and even treating my brows and lashes! I actually always have a small bottle of coconut oil with me on the go. It's also great for reducing inflammation from mosquito bites at shoot locations plus it's a great substitute for cuticle cream, hand cream or even for taming stray flyaway hairs. (TOP TIP: drink a tablespoon full of extra virgin coconut oil daily, helps rejuvenate your gut, hair, skin and nails too).

5) If a genie granted you three wishes on Althea, what would you get?

Oooo! Definitely Laneige's White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack. My first ever Althea Box had a few and having tried it myself I can vouch that it's a magical product! Makes my skin look like I've had a full 8 hours of sleep when I'm running on 3! I'd also get Sulwhasoo's First Care Activating Serum because I've heard so much about it and I've yet to try any products from this skincare brand. And of course, Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream! Because I have more eye bags than I do handbags HAHAHAA! 

Thank you, Tehmina for your time and love. Stay beautiful inside and out!

Interviewed by Janelle Chan


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