Real Skin White Jade One Shot Ampoule

In the land of K-Beauty, plastic surgery is no taboo. In fact, it's easily obtained and can be done by just about anyone with a little extra cash. But for those of us who are a little shorter on funds, there's Real Skin to help with our beauty woes! Skin brightening in a tube, their White Jade One Shot Ampoule is designed to brighten and give the skin a radiant boost (without needing any actual needles).

Real Skin focuses on minimalistic packaging that houses good, honest ingredients in formulas that work to nourish and repair the skin from within. The One Shot Ampoule range contains 4 different types that work to target specific skin needs with concentrated ingredients. The White Jade version contains gluthathione (to brighten the skin), beta glucan (to even out skin texture), hyaluronic acid (to moisturize), and galactomyces (to repair the skin) for a healthy and radiant complexion.

How to use:
Pop open the top and set cap aside. Gently push the plunger to dispense a small amount of product before smoothing it onto the skin, softly patting it in. Allow to absorb into the skin before moving onto the next step of your skincare. Push the cap back on to store for next usage.

This serum is light on the skin and has an almost gel-like texture that absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky residue behind. Once applied, you can immediately tell that your complexion is hydrated and feels plump to the touch. The mild fragrance is reminiscent of baby powder, and isn't too overpowering that it irritates the senses, making this great for everyone.

We love the way this product feels on the skin, and the super cute packaging makes it even more exciting to use! If you guys are interested to see more stuff from Real Skin, we've included a video What did you guys think of Real Skin's White Jade One Shot Ampoule? Have you tried any products from Real Skin? Let us know in the comment section down below! 

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