Althea's DIY Birthday Box

There's three beautiful Althea cake box to collect this year!

Hey Altheans! We've been having a blast so far in the month of July, and we've just been reeling in the amazing festivities! We hope you've been enjoying yourself too, and that you've gotten a thing or two out of it as well. We couldn't leave this year's birthday celebration without doing a limited edition birthday box to show you guys, so we've decided to have a special little tea party with the whole Glam Squad to celebrate Althea turning 2!

This year's birthday theme for the box is a birthday cake that you could decorate on your own. Early this year, Althea released the XL size box which could fit even more things inside (bigger and better). Now Althea has three different size boxes - the small, large and extra large. For Althea's Birthday, each of the boxes will have its own colour pastel purple, pink and mint green.

For some delicious fun, we've included some decorations for you to get creative with including a cake bunting kit and some paper cut outs to adorn your very own Althea cake. Ready to get crafty?

The cake buntings come in 3 different colours: pink, blue and rainbow. We've used the pink one for our box (Althea's colour is pink!) and stuck it to the back of the box using some tape. Alternatively, you can poke holes into the top of the box and pop them in that way. The set also comes with little flags that you can add to the box for extra festiveness.

Time to get cutting! There are two different paper decorations: one consists of a cool 3D number "2" in pink, and another contains adorable pictures that are celebration themed.

Once you've cut everything out, put the number "2" together following the instructions given on the card (stick together with tape or glue for best results). Cut out the paper decor and place little pieces of tape or glue on the little flaps for it to stick onto the box wherever you like. If you're feeling a little extra, you can even add your own stickers or decorations to add to your birthday cake!

Here's how our box turned out

Super pretty right? We're absolutely in love! We hope you find this little guide helpful, and we can't wait to see all your creative entries to the Fly Me To Korea contest! Did you like decorating your box? Let us know what you think should be our birthday theme for next year in the comments down below!


  1. Annyeonghaseyo!an avid Althean here from Philippines...well,I think its still nice to have a birthday box again on Althea's next year birthday,but kinda different one...and I think its a good idea if it would be up to us (Altheans) on how to decorate the box,using recycled materials,and that would be more creative too,right? And also environment-friendly too.It's gonna be a big challenge to us,Altheans!Saranghae!

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  3. Hi there Althea Glam Squad, For the next years Birthday celebration I wish it could be a box a theme box representing South Korea's pride where all our inner kbeauty began. Like youll be providing some props of what you usually see in bday photobooth and where going to use it and we going to aim to look a like our fave korean actor or kpop endorsing your althea line? <3 <3 xx

    its like sharing our inner kpop/kdrama addict, sharing our love for althea and most of all Having fun guessing who look a like are we portraying! <3 <3

    lots of love ~louise alcid

  4. Additional to my comment above the theme of the box is gift comes from different color since its like a surprise of what props would we have to join the instgram contest inner kpop photo~~~~~

  5. Mmm... I think the box with gift theme.. Let us as althean get the gift edition box from althea next.birthday


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