Interview with Die Hard Fan: Sarah Jane

This week's Die Hard Fan is Philippines-born based in the UAE so say hello to Sarah Jane! She is a huge fan of G-Dragon and K-drama who stumbled upon Althea's website one day, and now she has added K-beauty to her list of things she's obsessed with! Read on to find out why Althea has been her first choice for all things K-beauty and to see her go-to K-beauty products.

1) Hey, Sarah! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became interested in K-beauty.

Hi, my name is Sarah, 27 years old from the Philippines. I love G-Dragon and K-drama which makes me curious on how can they achieve flawless skin with no visible pores! I was just browsing the internet for where to purchase K-beauty products and found Althea, and wow! When I checked their website I got excited about all they have. I started with one box, and I didn't notice that I was already shopping for more every month! 

What I love the most is the Althea boxes, I think I got 8 of them (my favorite is the Wanderlust Box), you'll get 5 or more full-sized products for a very affordable price! My K-beauty journey grows that all my friends started to love it also, I don't have major skin problems but when I started using Korean beauty products, I noticed how my skin is glowing and my friends would tell me that I look like a Korean now! (Giggle!) 

2) In your most honest opinion, tell us what really makes Althea special. 

Althea is the key to my K-beauty journey! Now, I am more concerned about how to take good care of my skin, especially since I moved to Dubai because the weather is really humid here which makes my skin dry all the time. What's exciting is that they offer different giveaways and freebies, plus you'll get free shipping which is what most of us would prefer when ordering online. They have all the products you need that are authentic with the best prices ever!

What I love the most about Althea is the way they interact with their customers. They respond through Instagram, Facebook, and e-mail, and they are always ready to assist us with all our concerns. And I love it whenever they like my posts or put comments on them! Two thumbs up!!

3) If you could bring 5 beauty items to travel with, what would they be and why?

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel
This soothing gel never fails me, it keeps me moisturized all the time!

I love how this mist keeps me fresh all the time, especially during summer!

Flawless and matte-finish, and I love how easy it is to use for a quick touch-up!

A revolutionary overnight mask which helps to hydrate, brighten and purify fatigued skin overnight!

My holy grail skincare product! This essence is effective to lighten dark spots and even out skin discoloration! 

Love your choices of K-beauty items, Sarah! Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in this interview and we appreciate your love for Althea.

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