W.Lab Brand Focus + Product Highlights

Does the W in W.Lab stand for well-loved? Because that’s just what they are on Althea! We’re super excited to be doing a special feature centered around one of our bestselling brands and to showcase what they’re made of. Made with a modern, fun, youthful feel, W. Lab has become a household name for K-Beauty products all over the world. A perfected formula of good quality ingredients and attractive packaging, these products are effective at targeting skin troubles and solving them for a well-rounded beauty regime from head to toe. It’s no wonder W.Lab has gained lots of love and attention from both beauty enthusiasts and celebrities on SNS platforms too! Here’s the beauty breakdown on W.Lab and some of our favorite product picks!

This product should come as no surprise, after all, it’s one of their biggest products! This quick fix whitening cream smoothes over the skin like a moisturizer, instantly brightening and evening out the skin tone. Containing niacinamide and rice bran extract, this lightweight, non-sticky formula cools down the skin to soothe irritations too, giving you a healthy, radiant complexion. Use on your face, or apply all over the body!

Dead skin build-up can cause rougher areas of your body to feel calloused and rough. Your body needs some love too, so give it a boost with a hydrating, smoothing peeling treatment like this one! Infused with an array of fruit extracts, this helps to slough away dead skin cells and brighten the skin, leaving your body to feel as good as it looks, all with just a couple of easy spritz!

Blackheads can be really evil and cause havoc on the skin, so make this the hero to beat ‘em all! With a cooling, refreshing feel, this cleanser contains charcoal and seawater to dissolve pesky sebum within the pores. It also comes with the perfect a sidekick: a flexible silicon brush tip helps to massage the area, dislodging and whisking away blackheads for a clean, smooth complexion.

Peel off mask fanatics, this one's for you! Made with charcoal extracts, this mask pulls out dirt, impurities and other unwanted gunk from deep within the pores, effectively deep cleansing them for smooth skin. Super satisfying! It also helps to control sebum production so you can feel fresh and stay shine-free all day. 

This gem of a collection wouldn’t be complete without this illuminating base! It’s a 3-in-1 base that hydrates, primes and gives the skin a radiant glow, perfect for a flawless makeup application. It’s got little gem bubbles containing real sapphire and pearl powders for that luminous glow, while Centella Asiatica extracts help calm redness. Plus, this gorgeous bottle will look bomb on your vanity!

How cool are these items from W.Lab? Don't forget, we're doing a very special Brand Focus feature on the site, and you can find the items mentioned above and other fantastic W.Lab products there. Which ones are your favorite? Let us know down below!

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