0Saeng-Bogam's Seoyang Tangguk Coffee

A great cuppa coffee can really start your day right! We love a delicious brew, and one with a yummy taste and added benefits has landed on Althea’s shores, perfect for adding to your everyday routine. Here’s the beauty breakdown on Althea’s latest inssatem: 0Saeng-Bogam's Seoyang Tangguk black coffee!

With Althea’s current favorite brew, old is truly gold! The Seoyang Tangguk black coffee has a history that dates back to the aristocrats of the Joseon era, where this brew of beans and water created a concoction that not only kept everyone alert, it also helped to maintain the slim figures of women and men. Now in neat little sachets, Seoyang Tangguk is available for everyone, and up to 2 sachets can be enjoyed per day for a quick pick-me-up!

Each cup is an absolute joy to drink! The Seoyang Tangguk black coffee is made with premium roasted Colombian beans for that a perfectly balanced deep, rich taste. They are ground and infused with L-Cartinine, the secret ingredient to keep your figure slim! This substance is found in nutritious food like avocados and red meats to help burn away fat as you go about your day. It also doesn’t contain any sugar for a healthier option, so you can enjoy the coffee without any guilt! 

All you have to do to enjoy a yummy cup of coffee is mix it with 200ml of water, stir up and sip! This sachets can be mixed with hot water, cold water, milk (for a latte) or even with other coffee blends for an enriched drink with more benefits. See it in action down below!

We've enjoy a couple sachets of 0Saeng-Bogam's Seoyang Tangguk already in Althealand, and we hope you'll get a box to enjoy for yourself too! This is currently available on Althea's site, so be sure to check it out there. Have you heard of this product before? What do you think of coffee that keeps your figure in check? Let us know in the comments!

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