Althea's Supporters are Back in Action!

Annyeong Altheans! It’s been a whirlwind ride here at Althealand with the new launch of our A’bloom babies. We love making new, fun and innovative k-beauty products, and it warms our hearts even more when they become a staple in your beauty regime! That’s why it’s important for us to get feedback on how our items fare on your skin. Remember the last time we did a Supporter’s event? We’ve recently had the opportunity to hold another one to create yet another product that’s fun and special!

Just in case you aren’t sure what we’re talking about, the Althea's Supporters program was created to integrate the fabulous ideas and opinions of Altheans into the product making process prior to the release, allowing us to pick their brains to create a product that we know our Altheans would enjoy! This was especially important for us as this didn’t just mean that we were producing quality products for our fans, we would be able to make products that actually suited the needs and wants of our Altheans as well. 

During this process, we selected Altheans that had an array of skin types, concerns and beauty knowledge to give us a good range of opinions to create the best product. This time, we’re working with an array of blushers where our Supporters were asked to pick their favorites based on the colors, textures and overall look. 

The blushers and top secret information for our Supporters

(L) Tammy, Head of Creative Communications
(R) Clarise, Althea Exclusive's Marketing Manager

Swatch fest!

Our blushers in action!

Supporters picking out their favorite shades and names

They came forth and presented their groups' ideas

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Supporters getting first-hand experience with the Althea Exclusive range


Thank you, Supporters, for being a part of this exciting adventure! We had a brilliant time and can’t wait to reveal which picks will be selected to be made under Althea’s line. Maybe we could even have more events like this in the future, so keep stalking our site and Facebook pages so you don't miss out! Are you excited for Althea’s very own blush product? What else would you like to see from us? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Wah cant wait for the blusher to come out .. How about mascara , eye liner and eye brow?

    1. I know right?? We're super excited too :D You'll just have to stick around to see if and when we launch the rest ;) xx


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