Easter Week 2017: Winners Announcement

Hey, Altheans! How was your Easter holiday? Althea's Bunny had a blast and he would like to thank you for all of your help while he was busy preparing for an egg-citing Easter. Your creative answers in all the contests we held last week truly help! Bunny and Pixies had so much fun going through all the creative entries. We've finally managed to shortlist the winners and without further ado, congratulations to these lucky Altheans!

Beauty People Grand Opening Instagram Winners

Hello, Altheans! We received over 500 entries for the Beauty People Grand Open contest on Instagram so thank you for your endless support! After going through everyone's comments, we've finally managed to shortlist it to 10 names. Congratulations to the winners below, you have won the Beauty People Snow White Edition 2 from us:

Red & Black Box

There’s something scandalously sensual about the colors red and black together. It paints a picture of sophistication and mystery, like a dangerous package just waiting to be opened. Bring out your darker, wilder side with Althea’s Red & Black Box! This specially curated box features products that are made for that luxuriously-looking smokey eye, perfect for a night out. Here’s the beauty breakdown on Althea’s Red & Black Box (and a quick tutorial too!).

The Base Makeup Box

A flawless makeup look is like a house: it all starts off with a good foundation so that everything that goes on top looks fantastic and stays put. Don’t worry if you’ve got a couple of blemishes here and there, Althea’s Base Makeup Box is here to help you fake it till you make it. Specially curated to help you achieve a fresh, perfected complexion, this box contains 11 full-sized products ranging from skincare to colour correction to products that even out your skin tone. It also comes with an adorable makeup pouch so you have a place to store all these products. Here’s the beauty breakdown on Althea’s Base Makeup Box!

Interview with Mindy, SBY Community

meet Mindy, blogger & founder of SBY Bloggers Community

Today we would like to introduce to our fans a lovely lady hailing all the way from Surabaya, Indonesia who has been quite the Althea fan! A blogger, shopper and a beauty lover, Mindy Tedja has blogging since 2012. Her passion in beauty and blogging lead her to start her own beauty blogger's community called the Surabaya Beauty Blogger Community, exclusively only for Surabaya beauty bloggers to join. Short for SBY, the community has been working closely with beauty brands such as Althea Korea since their birth in late 2016. We have decided to get down and beautiful with her in an all exclusive interview on Althea Blog. Curious as to why Mindy created this community? Read on!

Limited Edition Althea X W.Lab Set

Girlfriends, warmer days call for a hot-looking face to see you through and not melt off midway. We're so psyched to announce Althea's limited edition collaboration box with W.Lab! This set is filled with products that are made to stay put for humid, sticky days. We're gonna let you in on a little secret: we did an unboxing for this box in our Instagram stories and showed all the products (make sure you follow us @AltheaKorea for inside sneak peeks!).

5 Disaster Masks You Need

The 5 Disaster Masks You Need

Having an off day? Or an entire off week? It’s alright, love. Big Sis Althea’s got your back! We believe that most of life’s problems can be solved (or at the very least, soothed) with a sheet mask or two. We’ve got solutions to pamper away your worries, no matter what life throws at you. Here are some of our answers to your big problems!


Show Off March 2017 Winners

We are so happy to see more sharings on our official hashtag #altheakorea! With that here are the winners for Althea Show Off Contest, March 2017. Congratulations to:

The Year End Party Box

A lot of unexpected things can happen in a party but one thing's for sure: you're bound to take pictures. Be it a family reunion or a high school/college gathering, people nowadays take pictures every opportunity they get. Don't you just wish you could look picture perfect in every event? Fret not, Althea has come to save the day! We've specially curated this awesome box containing 8 full sized products that you can easily use to achieve that picture perfect party look. We've enlsited the help of Malaysian Youtuber DaintyDashBeauty to help our resident Mermaid not to get ready for a party, but to get ready for a par-TAY! Here's the beauty breakdown on the Year-End Party Box.

Watch the Althea Party Look Makeup Tutorial

The Mermaid Box

If you're a big fan of ours, you'll know that we at Althea have our personal mermaid who eats, sleeps and breathes beauty. Mermaids are often depicted as beautiful creatures with long flowing hair, but although they're mythical, wouldn't you just love to be one? Not to fret, Althea's got your back! Here's the beauty breakdown on the Mermaid Box.


The Glitter Box

The Glitter Box, Althea Holiday Box #3

Whether you're looking for a subtle way to sparkle up your look or to make a shimmering, bold statement, there's no doubt that there's a type of glitter out there for everyone. We’re huge lovers of this foiled goodness, so of course, we had come up with a Glitter Box for Althea! This specially curated box contains 9 full-sized products that come together for a perfectly glitzy look, making sure you’ll sparkle for any occasion. We’ve even gotten DaintyDashBeauty our Malaysia YouTuber to show us her take on a look using the items in the box, and we’re super excited to be sharing it all with you! Here’s the beauty breakdown on Althea’s Glitter Box.

Althea's Going Global!

Hello beautiful people!

International K-Beauty junkies, rejoice! Althea’s heard you, and now we’re proud to announce that Althea USA which also serves as our global site, is up and running! Whether you’re a seasoned Korean product lover or a beauty junkie looking to finally dip your toes into the K-Beauty pool, you’ll be sure to find something for you at Althea, and all at the best prices.

Althea is the no. 1 digital destination for all things K-Beauty - shopping, lifestyle, and trends, and we now ship worldwide to over 200 different countries, and with purchases of $50 and above, you’ll be able to enjoy free shipping* all the way from Korea! We sell only 100% authentic Korean beauty products, so you don’t have to worry and second guess if the stuff you get from us is genuine or not. Althea offers the best price to customers by sourcing the products and bringing them straight to you sans middlemen, passing all the savings to you, hence the best price in the market. However, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your order, we offer an unconditional 30-day return policy*. You can read more about Althea’s promises here.

We’re so excited to serve each and every one of you, and we can’t wait to bring you the best in K-Beauty right to your doorstep! If you run into any problems, you can contact us on our Facebook page.
Hope this helps you guys out, and you feel as excited about this as we do :D Happy shopping!

Althea's Mermaid

*Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the Althea website for more information.

Caolion Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack

looking for a pore-fect product?

As face mask junkies, we’re always looking out for the coolest innovative treatments that promise skin miracles to blow us away. We recently got our hands on Coalition's Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack and did a live demo on Instagram’s Story (make sure you follow us @altheakorea to check out future shenanigans!) to see how this works. This pore pack brings about a whole new masking experience and we were definitely intrigued to try out this best seller!

Show Off February Winners

Hello beautiful,

Althea's Pixies' stalking in February has unearthed some interesting shots from our fans! After going through everything, we've picked 5 lucky ones to be the winners of the February Show Off contest. Congratulations to:

Caolion Grand Opening Facebook Giveaway Winners

Hello, beautiful!

Thank you for joining our Caolion Grand Opening contest. As promised, here is the list of the 20 lucky winners:

Valentine's Day Facebook Contest

Hello, beautiful! How was your Valentine's day? We hope that you had the most romantic day with all of the love of your life. March is here, and as promised it's now the time to announce the winners of Althea Facebook Valentine's Day contest. Thank you to everyone who participated! Althea Pixies had so much fun going through all the sweet entries. Without further ado, here are the lucky winners:


Find Mermaid A Date Winners

Hey Altheans! You guys were amazing and gave some really creative and amazing answers! I totally felt all the love. <3 Thanks for participating, and we can't wait to give away some goodies. ;) Here are the winners and their entries for the "Find Mermaid A Date" contest:


The Body Box

While we tend to spend a lot of time and money on our faces, our bodies shouldn’t be ignored too. Soft, smooth skin never goes out of style, and Althea has come up box filled with specially curated products that’ll leave you feeling clean, pampered and luxurious in all the right places. Don’t worry, Althea’s got you covered from head to toe. Here’s the beauty breakdown on the Body Box!


The Hair Box

A good hair day is always a good day, and your mane is aptly named the crowning glory of your head. Whether your hair is curly, straight, short or long, luscious locks will always be on trend. To keep your hair looking and feeling as desirable as possible, Althea’s come up with box filled hair care products to help you put your best mane forward. Here’s the beauty breakdown on the Hair Box!

Caolion's Grand Opening

You know that moment when your best friend swears you have to try this product she loves, only to find your skin red and irritated after? Yeah, having sensitive skin can be such a bother. Why is my skin behaving this way? Will this product irritate my skin? Which ingredient is really safe for me to use? Not everyone's skin is made equal and some requires a little extra TLC when it comes to trying out products.


Beauty Box: Battle of the Masks

meet the judges

Hey lovelies! You didn't think we've stopped with new content, did you? We're super excited to introduce the BeautyBox, a medium for readers where you guys get the inside scoop on real people doing real reviews on products sold on Althea! This week, we're doing the battle of the masks, where we feature some well-loved names and new contenders. These masks consist of 3 types: wash off, peel off and sleeping masks. Curious to know more? Keep reading to find out how these products fared!

We're big fans of face masks, and we loved getting feedback on products from Althea. What do you think about the products we've featured? Have you used any of them? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Have a magical day!

Althea's Mermaid

Find Mermaid A Date!

It's that time of the year again when (ridiculously overpriced) roses and chocolates become synonymous with love and when couples get extra lovey-dovey with each other. Unfortunately, as fabulous as being a mermaid is, I haven't had much luck with my dating game. Sigh, another year, another lonely Valentine's Day spent on my island without a date. No, this will not do! I need a little excitement and affection in my life. Altheans, I need your help this year! Come play cupid and help Mermaid find a date for Valentine's Day!

Think you've got the perfect idea for a man and the know-how for a great date? Let me know in the comments down below, and the best and most creative ones will win some handpicked Mermaid's favorites from Althea! As a thank you, I'll be choosing 3 winners and each one will be winning two of my favorite products: one Son & Park Beauty Water in 340ml (perfect for swimming in for flawless skin) and one Rire's Lucent White Pearl Cream (how else do you think I got my radiant glow, honey?). Contest ends 14th February 2017, 12pm (Malaysian time). Good luck!

Chinese New Year FB Contests Winners

Gong Xi Fa Cai! We hope you had a blast during the Lunar New Year holiday and received a lot of red packets (angpao) from your family. Or were you the one giving them out? *giggles* As the holiday is now over, its time to announce the winners list for the '5 days of CNY' Facebook contests. Congratulations to the winners;

Althea Show Off: January 2017

Thank you for being a part of Althea Instagram community! We love how much our hashtag have grown in 2016 and we hope to see more pretty pictures on #altheakorea this year too. Without further ado, here are the winners of Althea Show Off Contest, January 2017 edition:

Guess The Gold Giveaway WINNERS

Hey Altheans! Wow, we couldn't believe how smart you guys were with guessing the answers! Thanks for participating, and we can't wait to give away some gold goodies. ;) Here are the winners for the "Guess The Gold" contest:
  • Dayana Florencia
  • Peaches
  • Mitzkeehpie
    We've contacted all the lucky winners, and you guys should be receiving your prizes soon. Have a pleasant weekend and happy lunar new year!

    Terms and Conditions:
    1. Prize cannot be exchanged, transferred or combined with another party.
    2. Prizes will be considered void if any of the conditions above is not followed.
    3. Judges decision is final.

    Althea Box 3: All About Eyes Box

    Eyes are the windows to your soul, and it’s no wonder your peepers get so much attention: they’re usually the first things people notice about your face! Whether they’re big, round, small, almond-shaped, close-set or further apart, your eyes are unique to you and keeping them looking their best is a sure win for good first impressions. Althea’s specially curated a couple of amazing products focused on your eyes in our very first Trendy Box to give them their most captivating stare yet! Here’s the beauty breakdown on our “All About Eyes Box”!

    Superfood Box

    Heard of the phrase “you are what you eat”? Althea takes that to a whole new level with its Superfood Box! By definition a superfood is "a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being", making this specially curated box packed with plenty of nourishing goodness for your skin, hair and body, making you feel as good as you look. As thoroughbred foodies and beauty junkies, we thought it’d only be appropriate to combine the two to bring you our most delicious box yet!

    Gold Giveaway!

    The Lunar New Year is here! To celebrate, we're doing a gold giveaway featuring some Mermaid-selected products in Althea's boxes that are perfect for the festivities. You could be a lucky winner of 3 gold, full-sized products from Althea! All you have to do is guess what those 3 items are. 3 winners will be selected based on your comments below. Here's a little hint: search up "gold" on Althea and see what you find. ;) Contest ends 11.59pm, 26th January 2017, and contest winners will be announced on the 27th of January, 2016 at 12pm (all in Malaysian time). Can you Guess The Gold? Good luck!

    Terms & Conditions (English / Thai)

    Mask Guide Facebook Contest Winners

    Ready, set, and mask on! 

    Did you see our mask guide? We hope it would help everyone in choosing the perfect products according to their skin problem. As promised, Fairy Althea is giving away mask gift sets for 20 lucky Altheans and after going through your comments on Facebook, we have finalised the names. Congratulations to:

    Korean Lunar New Year

    Picture credit: http://diendan.hanquochoc.edu.vn/

    Happy 2017 everyone! Ah, another new year has begun, and there’s something fresh about when the calendar changes from December to January: the new beginnings, the new motivation to kickstart things, the new year resolutions; we’re all pumped up for the amazing things that are going to happen in Althea, and we’re glad you’re joining in on the ride! But we can’t forget that in Korean culture, they celebrate Seollal (설날), also known as Lunar New Year, annually. Known as one of the biggest celebrations for Korea, this is a time of festivities, love and tradition.


    Althea Beauty Award: 2016 Best Korean Makeup

    Hello, Altheans, your votes are in! Thank you for participating in Althea Beauty Awards 2016 where the best products chosen by you win. Find out which K-Beauty products are truly worth the hype from our fans and which undiscovered gems you should try next. Check out these makeup winners that have won a special place in the Althea beauty hall-of-fame all thanks to your love and support.

    Althea Beauty Award: 2016 Best Korean Skincare

    Hello, Altheans, your votes are in! Thank you for participating in Althea Beauty Awards 2016 where the best products chosen by you win. Find out which K-Beauty products are truly worth the hype from our fans and which undiscovered gems you should try next. Check out these skin care winners that have won a special place in the Althea beauty hall-of-fame all thanks to your love and support. Stay tuned as we will announce the winners for makeup category tomorrow!


    Our Favorite Under $10 K-Beauty Eye Makeup

    Everyone loves a good hidden gem or two, especially when they don’t break the bank (and your heart!). We’ve scoured high and low and picked out a couple of our favorite eye makeup products under RM30, SGD 10, PHP 350, THB 250, Rp 100000 that should already be in your makeup stash or in your wishlist.
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