Are You Ready For A Christmas Adventure?

Snow's gently trickling down onto a white blanket on the rooftops, Christmas carols can be heard in the air; the warm, comforting smell of eggnog and the promise of a roast dinner awaits on this festive occasion. Ah, what better way to soak in the Christmas spirit that's nearly upon us, than to sit down with a good Christmas Story? 'Tis the season to be all sorts of jolly, especially with Althea! Sit back, get comfy with your warm drink of choice and let Santa Althea whisk you away on a magical adventure...


Pure Smile Black Sheet Bubble Pack

Sheet masks are the best, aren't they? They're essentially all the goodness you need in the convenience of a packet! As self-proclaimed sheet mask aficionados, we're always on the hunt for cool new sheet masks to try. We stumbled upon Pure Smile's Black Sheet Bubble Pack and when we heard that this bubbles before your eyes, we just knew we had to try it out. As per usual, we've enlisted the help of our lovely Danish Swan to show you what it's all about. Here's the beauty breakdown on this fun mask!

A;t Fox Tea Cell Ampoules

Fresh, fun and fabulous, A;t Fox has recently come out with a brand new range of Tea Cell Ampoules to add a little extra goodness to your beauty routine! Stemming from the love for tea, this brand originally started out as a beauty cafe in Korea where they offer desserts and different kinds of tea for wellness. A;t Fox then decided to come up with their own beauty line, centering their products around the goodness and benefits of tea for a flawless complexion. They recently sent over their Tea Cell Ampoules, and we knew we had to share them with you. Here's the beauty breakdown on these pretty products!


Acids For All!

Acid? On the face?? The idea of putting acids onto the skin can be a rather intimidating idea, but when picked right, they could do wonders and be the boost your skincare routine needs. Acids are very popular when it comes to K-beauty, and it pays to know which is the best for your skin type. Here's a quick beauty breakdown on some of our favorites!


Unpa Cosmetics

One of Korea's hottest and best selling brands is officially here on Althea shores! Originally started as an online beauty platform, Unpa has recently released their own product range. With fun, chic branding, Unpa's products are made with organic and natural ingredients that are good for the skin, making them friendly for just about any skin type. We're excited to finally be bringing them to you, and we've round up their full range for a sneak peak (so you can find out a little more before you commit to buying). Here's the beauty breakdown on Unpa Cosmetics!


Royal Treatments - Princess Edition

Every girl's dreamed of becoming a princess at one point in time or another. Whimsical dresses, glittery crowns, magical love stories... what's not to love? Transform into your favorite princess with some of our beauty goodies for that royal treatment in the comfort of your own home! Here are some of our top picks to put the extra shine on your tiara!


AltheaTurns2 Fly Me to Korea Contest Winners

Annyeong, Altheans.

Woohoo!! Are you excited? We know you are and we do too! 🎉It's finally time for us to announce the winners for AltheaTurns2 Birthday Celebration. 🎂 After going through all the eligible entries and a long consideration, we have finally chosen the winners for the Fly Me to Korea Contest. Do you know what this means? Someone is going to Korea soon! 🛫

Suaviss Travel Kit

Travelling can be super exciting, but it can also be a hassle to pack for. Should I bring that outfit? Did I forget my charger? How are my bottles going to fit into my bag? Luckily for us, Suaviss is here to make packing just that little bit easier! Suaviss is known in Korea for their aesthetic services and has put in a lot of effort into the R&D of their own range of products. Their beauty products are suitable for people of all ages (including your little ones too). We picked up this handy travel trio from them and we can't wait to try them out!

Nakeup Face Winners

Hello, Altheans! Pixie Eros is here to announce the winners of our #HashtagYourFace contest in collaboration with Nakeup Face! We'd like to thank each and every one of you for participating, as well as for constantly showing us your love and support! 💕

Nakeup Face Beauty Routine

cushion eyeliner brow marker eyeshadow lip tint

Nothing quite beats some brightly highlighted and contoured cheeks with a bold, crisp lip that can only be accentuated further with a sharp cateye and big lashes. However, sometimes we just want to tone it down a little and go for something more natural and easy on the daily. Nakeup Face's name is made of a combination of the phrases "naked face" and "no makeup", believing that beauty shines its best when confidence from within comes through. They work to improve the skin's condition from within, and make a diverse range of makeup and skincare items from quality ingredients, making their range of products perfect for daily life. They were generous enough to send over some stuff for us to create a look that's perfect for easy days (including one of their best-selling cushions too). Keen to explore with us? Keep on reading!

Most Scandalous Lips Yet?!

Liquid Lipstick Velvet Colour Pink

Looking to add a little drama to your life without the messy hang ups? We've got just the right kinda scandal you'll want to get your hands on. Nakeup Face has released their very own Velvet Scandal line, and is best known for their ability to give your skin and confidence a little boost, making you look naturally flawless without the cakiness that makeup products can sometimes bring. When we saw these pretty lippies, we knew we had to try them out. These dusty neutral pinks were right up our alley and are very in-trend now, and we couldn't wait to put them on!

AM Freshness with Innisfree!

Ah, its morning! Birds chirping by the window, warm rays from the sun trickling in from the outside, the smell of fresh coffee awaits... Rise and shine, love! We've got just the routine with Innisfree to kick start your day that'll leave you with fresh plump skin, perfect for taking on just about anything that comes your way.

Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review Event: Winners Announcement

Althea Velvet Powder Review Winners

Hello, Altheans! We have gone through all the reviews you left on the Petal Velvet Powder during the review event held from 13th September until 11th October 2017; and we appreciate all the feedback given. 💕As promised, we've picked some lucky Altheans that participated in the event  to win awesome prizes from us.

1st prize (1 winner): $100 Althea Shopping Credits + Special Powder Kit
2nd prize (1 winner): $75 Althea Shopping Credits
3rd prize (1 winner): $50 Althea Shopping Credits
30 consolation prizes: $10 Althea Shopping Credits


Let There Be Bright!

Althea W.Lab Nella Cloud9 Whitening Cream

There's never a dull moment when it comes to K-Beauty! Essentially the Mecca of whitening products, bright, luminous skin with a youthful glow has always been the hallmark of that quintessential Korean look, and it's no surprise they've got quite a few lightening products up their sleeves. Here are a couple that are our favorite picks, giving you that bright, radiant complexion without breaking the bank (too much).


Witch's Pouch Love Me Blushers

This may come as a shock to some, but blush may just be the unsung hero of a full face of makeup. Sure, most of the time we find ourselves on autopilot, just swirling up whatever pink shade you get your hands on. Afterall, it's just something to bridge the gap between your eyes and lips right? However, when used right, blush does so much more than just that! It can also help to warm up your complexion, define and even lift the flattest of cheekbones. Plus, it adds a youthful, healthy flush to the skin!


Althea Petal Velvet Powder Instagram Contest (Selfie & Share)

Hello, lovely people. Remember when we asked you to share a selfie with our newly launched Petal Velvet Powder & tell us what do you like about it on Instagram? Now it's time to announce the winners of the contest! 💕 Our Pixies did the stalking & we've selected 10 lucky Altheans who will win USD50 worth of Althea shopping credits. They are:


Beuins Mask Range

Beuins Mask Pack Kbeauty
Let us just say this: you are a princess and you deserve to be pampered. If you don't love you, who's gon' love you? Our favorite royal treatment for the skin is masking; it's like giving your skin a hug! So when we decide to have a home-spa sessh for the face, we want the best ingredients, no less. Beuins' masks are chuck full of good ingredients that treat the skin, pumping it with a boost targeted for skin troubles for some seriously gorgeous skin. We were fortunate enough to get all our claws on the full range of masks they have to offer, so here's a beauty breakdown on Beuins' mask packs!

Dried Rose Box

Hands up if you're as infatuated with fall time as we are! Snuggling up in sweaters, sipping hot cocoas and munch on delicious autumn treats as the weather cools down, sounds amazing, doesn't it? Althea's Dried Rose Box is just the thing you need to set the mood right with a mixture of products that all share the same gorgeous hue when you're falling in love this season. Dusty pink may just be our favorite shade this time of the year! Curious to see what we're talking about? Here's a video on the beauty breakdown of Althea's Dried Rose Box!


Turning Sunscreen Into Water?!

The sun might just be the skin's biggest enemy: it dehydrates, scorches and leaves pigmentation spots behind among other skin troubles. Sunscreens are essentially superheros for the skin. They keep the skin looking youthful by shielding away UVA and UVB rays that can penetrate the layers and harm the cells that make up a good complexion. The thing is that sunscreens have a notorious reputation for leaving a white cast, feeling too heavy or just having a terrible smell that clogs both the pores and the nose. If you're on the hunt for something clear and lightweight that feels amazing on the skin, be prepared, because you're about to have your mind blown.


Bbo Song Box

You know the phrase "as smooth as a baby's butt"? Althea's Bbo Song Box is here to help the skin on your face (or butt, we're not judging) achieve just that! Containing 6 full sized products, this box helps to keep oil at bay while ensuring your skin is smooth, velvety and healthy. You'll have people coming to pinch your baby cheeks in no time. Here's a video on the Bbo Song Box!


Double Trouble Box

Spots and redness got you down? We've got just the remedy for a relaxed, healthy complexion! Althea's Double Trouble Box has got just the products to take care of your skin and put your mind at ease. Containing 7 full sized items, this box is geared to soothe and nourish, just what we needed for bad skin days. Here's a video on the Double Trouble Box!


Chosun Beauty

Beauty is ingrown in Korean roots, and in the Chosun Dynasty, beauty was both a necessity and prized asset. In the olden days, women were creative with their beauty methods, and used an array of traditional ingredients as makeup and skincare for a flawless complexion. While today's products are an evolution of these methods, it's nice to hop into the time machine and go back to K-beauty's roots to see where the magic really comes from.

It's the BOOM! (De Ah Dah)

Oh yeah, we're coming at you with a blast from one our latest K-Beauty faves! Boom De Ah Dah (which from here on will be referred to as BDAD) has recently found themselves on Althea's airwaves and we're taking them for a spin. Named after the phrase for "we love the whole world" in African, BDAD's products are made with natural, gentle products that encourage the skin to heal and improve on its own for some sustainable skin goodness. They firmly believe that good quality products don't necessarily have to come with a hefty price tag, so just as they've pass on the savings onto their customer, we're going to pass on some insight into some after-hours care with BDAD!

Beauty Lifeguard Box

Summertime is here, and that means the heat is out to play! Don't worry though, Althea's Beauty Lifeguard Box is here to ensure you look as fine as you can be (no melty makeup messes). It's got 5 full sized long wearing and waterproof products that'll keep your face locked in place so you can enjoy the parties and fun without checking for touch ups every two minutes. Here’s a video on the beauty breakdown of the Beauty Lifeguard Box!


Food Skin Love Box

We love food! So naturally, it was only right to find the best kind for our skins. Althea's Food Skin Love Box is all about the right ingredients for a healthy complexion and knowing how to make your food work for you. Containing 7 full-sized products, this box is here to ensure your skin is left with a radiant and healthy glow. Here’s a video on the beauty breakdown of the Food Skin Love Box!


Breaking The Glass On Glass Skin

image credit

That's it, we're breaking the glass on "Glass Skin"! There's no point beating around the bush with this: K-beauty has found itself another trend that has women (and men) all over the world lusting for its gorgeous complexion results. An evolution of the infamous "Chok-Chok" complexion, glass skin has found itself the object of the spotlight, and we're going to tell you just what it is, how to achieve it and recommend some products just for you.


Double Cleansing 101

Before the days of K-beauty, we’d step into the shower, lather up a sudsy cleansing foam all over the face, rinse off and call it a day. Little did we know that this wasn’t the right way to ensure that the skin is properly cleansed without any leftover residue. When the Korean Double Cleanse method was introduced, we were intrigued (and slightly apprehensive) at adding more oil to our faces, but we were eager to try it out anyway. Now we’ve got this method down to a tee, and we’re going to break it all down for you.

The Only Soap Cleanser You'll Ever Need

We're more used to seeing our cleansers come in a tube or a stick, but the Da Mior cleansing soaps were enough to make us converts! Da Mior is known for their sudsy bars, and is a company that harnesses the vitality and nutrition value of bamboos in their products. Their skincare is not only fantastic for the skin, but great for the planet as well, pledging to donate a percentage of their profits to the R&D of bamboo forests for some sustainable beauty.


Royal Skin Real Mud Mask

When your skin feels clogged with impurities and nasties you've collected over time, nothing quite cleanses as deeply as a good mud mask. The clay component of mud masks is rich in minerals that pull out all that gunk from your skin, making you feel clean and fresh. However, those masks do come at a messy cost: mud masks can be troublesome to apply evenly and difficult to wash off, resulting in sensitive, red skin due to overzealous scrubbing. Royal Skin's Real Mud Mask gives you the best of both worlds: the cleaning power of mud and the convenience of a sheet mask!

Althea's Petal Velvet Powder Review Contest!

Hello beautiful! Have you had a chance to try out Althea's Petal Velvet Powder yet? If you have, we'd love to hear what you have to say. Leave a review and stand a chance to be rewarded!

All you have to do is leave an honest review on Althea's Petal Velvet Powder on the site, and you could be on your way to winning some goodies from us!


Mermaid Recommends - Summer Essentials

It's blazing out, the sun's at it's highest and the beach is the place to be! The heat may feel really intense and you're having lots of fun, but make sure you don't neglect your beauty regimes to ensure you'll be the hottest bud around. Trust me when I say it's important to take care of yourself too this summer (I am a mermaid after all, so I know what I'm talking about). Here are some of our must-have Summer essentials!

Althea Petal Velvet Powder 'Share' & 'Tag' Contest Winners

Hello, Altheans!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our first exclusive product, the Althea Petal Velvet Powder. 🌸We appreciate each of your comments and support. As promised, we've picked some lucky Altheans to win a 'thank you' shopping credits for us. Congratulations to:


By Cream Dermal Science Creams

Creams are like the knight in shining armor of a skincare routine: they're packed with hydration that helps to calm, soothe and save your skin! Even if you had to skip everything else, be sure that you don't skip out on cream as this will help to seal everything in, keep the skin moisturized and protect it as you go about your day. By Cream was developed as a treatment to restore the best version of your skin. Made with ingredients that nourish and revitalize the skin, these creams aim to penetrate deep within your skin's layers and repair from within. We've gotten all 3 from their Dermal Science range to try out, and here's how they fared!


Let Me Skin Ultra Moisture Cream Mask

As self-proclaimed sheet mask connoisseurs, we're always on the hunt for sheet masks that hold the promise of skin perfection in a packet. We love the convenience factor and how they leave the skin feeling hydrated and nourished, perfect for going about the rest of the day or giving your makeup prep an extra boost. Founded by an esthetician, Let Me Skin is a brand whose top priority is making professional grade products accessible to everybody, bringing the salon experience to the comfort of your own home. We've recently acquired a (human) Danish Swan and have looped her in to our sheet mask experiments, making her the perfect candidate for when we got our hands on Let Me Skin's Ultra Moisture Cream Mask.


Monstory Masks

Are you afraid of the dark? Or maybe you're worried of what creaks under the floorboards, not knowing what scary creatures lurk beneath. But what if we could change your mind and tell you that not all monsters are scary? Some of them are here to help you, especially with your skin woes. Monstory's creatures from the mask range takes care of your skin with nourishing ingredients that pamper and solve your skins troubles. Here's the beauty breakdown on Monstory's masking mania!

Interview with Ramona Zamzam

Gorgeous, lively and with an insatiable wanderlust, Ramona Zamzam is a Malaysian actress, model and social media influencer. She's racked up over 310,000 followers on Instagram to date and has a bubbly personality that isn't going to be stopped anytime soon! This mama-to-be is best known for her roles in Malaysian movies and TV dramas, and is an avid beauty junkie that loves to share her latest finds. We sneaked in a little quality time with her and got an Althea exclusive interview with the lovely lady. Curious to know what we do? Keep on reading!


A:Concept Watery Cheek Blushers

A little bit of blush can really bring your look to the next level, changing drab dullness into a fabulous flush! Conventional powder blushes come to mind when you think of cheek colour, but they tend to fade off pretty easily after a couple of hours. Best known for their ergonomic designs and quality products, A:Concept works to bring together beauty and practicality for products fitted for any urban beauty lover. A:Concept has recently sent over some Watery Cheek Blushers that are a long-lasting formula that blends to a natural finish. Here's what we thought so far!

Caolion Beauty Routine - D-Programme Range

One of the most intimidating things about K-Beauty is the idea of a full length regime. After all, making the time to go through the Korean 10 Step Beauty Routine each and every day may be a little difficult for most. For those of us who need a little extra time to sleep in the morning, we've got good news: Caolion and their more simplified but still wholesome beauty rituals are here to save you from your time woes and leave your skin feeling in tip top shape.


Interview with RealAsianBeauty

With humble beginnings, Kristine Roces had a lot to deal with growing up. Through family hardships to discovering who she was and dealing with hormonal acne, Kristine has emerge today a confident, beautiful woman on both the inside and out. Best known as TheRealAsianBeauty, Kristine is a vlogger and blogger who makes content about beauty, lifestyle and DIY projects. With over 213,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, Kristine has really made a name for herself across the globe, especially in the South East Asian community. We sneaked in a little quality time with her and got an Althea exclusive interview with the beauty. Curious to know what we do? Keep on reading!


Althea's Petal Velvet Powder

Altheans, we have a confession to make: we've been working on something top secret and had to hide it from you. But the time has finally come, and we're so excited and glad to be able to finally share this with you! Are you ready? Here it is! Althea is coming out with our own brand of beauty products to add to your Althea experience. To start off the collection with a bang, the first product we're unveiling is the Petal Velvet Powder!


#AltheaTurns2 Facebook Contest Winners

Hey, Altheans! We can't believe our second birthday celebration is now over. 🎂 We hope you had a blast celebrating online with us and thank you so much for your overwhelming support. Saranghaeyo, we love you! 💓 During the birthday period, Althea social media channels have been doing a few contests to reward our fans, and we sincerely appreciate all of the entries and comments. You totally made our birthday awesome! The winners for Althea Instagram 20 Days of Beauty have been announced on another post so you can check them out by clicking on this link. Now, it's time to announce the winners of the Facebook contests! Congratulations to:

Althea's DIY Birthday Box

Hey Altheans! We've been having a blast so far in the month of July, and we've just been reeling in the amazing festivities! We hope you've been enjoying yourself too, and that you've gotten a thing or two out of it as well. We couldn't leave this year's birthday celebration without doing a limited edition birthday box to show you guys, so we've decided to have a special little tea party with the whole Glam Squad to celebrate Althea turning 2!

Dr. Mind Grand Opening

Oh no, redness and troubled spots appearing on your complexion again? Sensitivities can sometimes be calmed by a little hydration, but sometimes we need some professional help. Enter Dr. Mind, Althea's latest beauty offering! We're super excited that this brand launches today and we can't wait to share this well-loved brand.

Dr. Mind is a brand that puts a clinical dose into their beauty products. Following their philosophy of "Mind" and "Consumers", Dr. Mind believes in healthy skin and works to target skin issues faced by consumers, providing solutions from a medical perspective, so you know that their stuff works for sure. With the latest technology and patents, Dr. Mind is always on the search for ingredients and techniques that not only pacify skin issues, but work to eliminate them too.

There are two main ranges from Dr. Mind: the Pore range and the AC/Apot range. Let's talk a little bit about the former first. The Pore range consists of skincare and face makeup products that are suited for oily skin and those with enlarged pores. These products consists of skincare staples that work to exfoliate away dead skin cells and control the oil-to-water balance of the skin for an even, healthy complexion. This skincare range consists of fundamentals that include the Pore Peel Deep Cleansing Foam, Toner, Water Gel Cream, Balm and the Pore Sebum Cushion.

The AC/Apot range works to soothe redness and irritations of the skin. Made with calming but effective ingredients like bee venom and sea salt extracts, this range targets troubles and works to evens out the skin tone for a healthy, radiant glow. This range consists of treatment products including the AC Dressing Mist, Clear Cover Cream, Peeling Pads, Zinc Powder and Apot Clear Roll On.

Dr. Mind products are currently on sale at Althea (just search for Dr. Mind) and for a limited time, you could get yourself a free Apot Red Mask and Apot Clear soap (while stocks lasts). Psst, there's also a 20% discount code to be found on the site right now, but you didn't hear that from me. ;) Which items are you most excited to try out from Dr. Mind? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

Have a magical day!

Althea's Mermaid

Interview with Tehmina Kaoosji

Tehmina Kaoosji has it all: beauty, brains, and brawn to kick your butt too! A model, actress, emcee and producer, Tehmina has appeared in numorous films and graced the pages of countless magazines, but is best known for her role as Sara in Sara Is Missing (a brilliant horror-based game that has even big YouTubers like Markiplier and Jackscepticeye talking!). When she's not in front of the camera, she's spending her time reading up on world affairs or hunting down and plotting out the next big story. We manage to catch a moment in her hectic routine and sat her down to find out some of her secrets to beauty and life. Curious? Read on!


Dynamic Duos (For Your Skin Type!)

Trying to figure out your skin type can be as confusing as knowing what products you should use for them. After all, the terms “lotion” and “cream” sound like they’d do the same thing right? Plus, when you throw multitasking products into the mix, it can get even more hectic. To help simplify your skin types, we’ve broken down what you need and rounded up two products from Althea that'll help elevate your skincare game!


Real Skin White Jade One Shot Ampoule

In the land of K-Beauty, plastic surgery is no taboo. In fact, it's easily obtained and can be done by just about anyone with a little extra cash. But for those of us who are a little shorter on funds, there's Real Skin to help with our beauty woes! Skin brightening in a tube, their White Jade One Shot Ampoule is designed to brighten and give the skin a radiant boost (without needing any actual needles).


Bare Blanc Pink Tender Cream

The hallmark of Korean beauty is a youthful complexion. Smooth, glowy skin that seems to radiate from within is undoubtedly desirable, and with the help of the right products, completely attainable! Bare Blanc is known for their spunky "in your face" packaging that houses quality products made with good ingredients to ultimately achieve a flawless face, and we absolutely couldn't say no to the Pink Tender Cream! Here's what we got when we tried it out.


Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity

We know how addictive masking can be, and while we usually settle for a conveniently packed sheet mask, sometimes it pays to get our hands dirty. To inject a little life into our regime, we've gotten said hands on some of Half Moon Eyes' Pink Fruity Pack! We couldn't wait to try out this lovely pink number to see how it would fare on our faces.

Show Off June 2017 Winners

Hey, Altheans! Pixie is back to announce the winners of our Show Off Contest last June. Of course, we had a fun time scrolling through all of your sharings so make sure to keep them coming using #altheakorea hashtag on Instagram. For July, we'll make it extra special with our birthday box so make sure to check out the Fly Me to Korea contest to see how you can join!

Althea's 2nd Birthday Highlights

Hi gorgeous people! Can you believe that Althea's officially two? It's that time of the year again when we celebrate Althea's Birthday, and we couldn't have made it this far without YOU. So to say a big thank you and give back, we've got a whole month's worth of fun activities and giveaways for our favorite Altheans. So be ready, get set and jet with us through this glorious month!


Fly Me To Korea Contest

Looking to channel your inner K-pop star and dine on some delicious Korean food? Here's your chance! To kick off our biggest birthday bash yet, we're giving you and a friend the opportunity to go on a round trip to Korea! There are also other amazing prizes to be won including a whole year of free shopping at Althea! <3


Shop & Win Contest Winners + T&C

Consider yourself a serial shopper? Here's your chance to put that buying talent to good use! The Shop & Win Contest will be running in the month of July and we will be picking one winner each week per country domain to win some Althea shopping credits (6 winners per week)! All you have to do is shop from Althea during that period to stand a chance to win $200 in Althea credits, it's that simple. Get ready to shop till you drop!

Week 1 Winners:
1. Jamie Lai 🇲🇾 
2. Jenny Chang 🇸🇬 
3. Cheyserr Gumban 🇵🇭 
4. Qonita Sanie 🇮🇩
5. Lalil Kittitanaphan 🇹🇭 
6. Katie Sidorowicz 🌎

Week 2 Winners
1. Marlela Lahat 🇲🇾
2. Kelly Lee 🇸🇬
3. Patricia Baraquel 🇵🇭
4. Khanza Rijani Nabilah 🇮🇩
5. วารี เอกรณรงค์ชัย 🇹🇭 
6. Michele Mueller 🌎

Week 3 Winners
1. Kelly Soh 🇲🇾
2. Sandra Lee 🇸🇬
3. Jeanfred Argarinl 🇵🇭
4. Dien Octaviabri 🇮🇩
5. Wanorot Chitrat 🇹🇭 sxxxxxxxxxa@xxxxxxx.xx.xx 
6. Mary Armstrong 🌎

Week 4 Winners
1. Ivy Ng 🇲🇾
2. Nancy Toh 🇸🇬
3. Kayzhell Pangilinan 🇵🇭
4. Intan M 🇮🇩
5. จีณัฐฐา สังข์ทองวรกิจ 🇹🇭
6. Dheiran Brooks 🌎

The contest runs from 3rd July to 30th July 2017, and the dates of winner selection are stated in the terms and conditions below. Good luck!


20 Days of Beauty Giveaway Winners + T&C

Hi Altheans! Aside from sending a direct message on Instagram to our 20 Days of Beauty Giveaway winners, we will be announcing them here on our blog! 🎁

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